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by P.D. Lesko It’s time for part-timers to come out of the closet. If it’s December, I must be at the annual extravaganza the Modern Language Association diabolically schedules from.

This issue marks the second time we have looked at the use of part-time faculty in countries other than the United States. The first time, in the May/June 2002 issue,.

by P.D. Lesko It’s common for an institution to ask part-time faculty who develop courses for use on-line to sign some kind of on-line course development agreement. We secured a copy of the Online Course Development Agreement used by faculty and administrators at Middle Tennessee...
by P.D. Lesko In September of 1992, the Adjunct Advocate debuted. The magazine, a slim 20 pages, had no display advertising and led off with a cover story titled “Health, Wealthy & Wise”: Finding Affordable Health Care.” The issue also featured the very first “Reportcard.” The feature, as...

by P.D. Lesko Whenever I hire a new writer, I always make a point of telling the individual that my desire in publishing the Adjunct Advocate is not to simply report.

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