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leskoBy P.D. Lesko

In the Archive, there are over 1,000 articles. It’s a treasure trove of materials going back almost a decade. There, faculty off the tenure-track can read what amounts to a historical record of the trials, tribulations, triumphs and successes of adjunct faculty over the course of the past several years. Each month, I get an automatically generated list of the most popular reads in the AdjunctNation E-Zine. I thought I would share the top of the list with you. You will find a variety of articles from last month’s E-Zine content, as well as articles from the Archive. I’ve included the links. To read these pieces in their entirety, you’ll need an AdjunctNation E-Zine Site Pass. There’s good news, however, until March 15, 2011, a Site Pass is just $15. Why not indulge yourself? You’ll be reading the current content in a snap, and have access to the Archives, as well. To purchase a Site Pass, click here.

If you’re not ready for a Site Pass, but there’s an article in this list that you really want to read, simply purchase a few AdjunctNation Site Pass Credits. With these, you can pick and choose the individual articles you want to read.

As always, thanks to everyone who visits regularly, and particularly to those who have purchased Site Passes over the course of the past year. Site Pass purchases in 2010-2011 are up almost 25 percent over the previous year (our fiscal year ends June 30th)!

I hope you take some time to explore some of the articles on this list.

“Silent Night, Empty Night: American Universities Power Down.” Link:

“How Student Motivation Influences Learning.” Link:

“Ten National Fellowships Open to Temporary Faculty.” Link:

“How to Find a Job Teaching On-Line.” Link:

“Interview with Laura Palmer Noone” Link:

“Campus Equity Week is Growing Bigger: But is Bigger Better?” Link:

“Breaking Into Textbook Publishing: The Field is More Level Than You Think.” Link:

“Oh, Canada” Link:

“Interview: Dr. William Scheuerman.” Link:

“Land A Job As A Visiting Faculty Member.” Link:

“Adjunct Faculty Fulbright Winners.” Link:

“A Year in the Life of a Visiting Faculty Member.” Link:

“Visiting Faculty: Are Their Numbers on the Rise?” Link:

“Look Who’s Coming to Lecture.” Link:

“Adjunct Activists in the Sciences: Missing in Action.” Link:

“Double Bass Blues: A musician-adjunct tackles math.” Link:

“The Science of Silence.” Link:

“E-Books: Should You Use Them?” Link:

“On Competition.” Link:

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