Strategically Target Your Higher Ed. Advertising. 

Take advantage of a combination of advertising tools to do strategic, targeted marketing to temporary college faculty across the United States and around the world of a product, service, event or brand. Our site hosted more than 1.6 million visits in 2020, and those visitors viewed a whopping 19 pages per visit. Over 450 colleges and universities make available to their hundreds of thousands of faculty, staff and students through institutional/teaching center/library subscriptions. 

Adjunct Faculty Comprise 70 Percent of the Higher Ed. Faculty. 

Adjunct, part-time and non-tenured faculty call their professional home. No other higher education publication or website can equal our reach, or match our decades of experience helping advertisers reach this audience. Quite frankly, if you’re a higher education advertiser who includes in your media plan, your advertising will be seen by the people who comprise the majority of higher education faculty in the U.S. The people who teach the majority of the nation’s 20 million college students.  

Reach Our Adjunct Faculty Readers and the Millions of Students They Teach (Pricing details at the bottom of the page.)

  1. Banner advertising on
    Advertise your brand, product, service or event on our website.
  2. Rent Our USPS customer Mailing List
    Need to reach temporary college faculty with your next mailing? Rent our list. We can sort by academic discipline, type of teaching appointment, city, state and zip code. We’ll design your mailer for a modest fee.
  3. Rent Our Email List
    Target temporary college faculty with your next email blast. We’ll help you choose just the right audience. We can sort by academic discipline, type of teaching appointment, and state. We’ll design your digital mailer for a modest fee.
  4. Advertise in our Weekly AdjunctNation Digital Newsletter
    Advertise your association, brand, product, services or events. Reach over 30,000 double opted-in readers every Tuesday.
  5. Leverage our Social Media Channels
    Need to reach temporary college faculty online? We have an almost 10,000 follower strong social media family on Facebook and Twitter.
  6. Online Recruitment Advertising
    Publicize your available non-tenured faculty positions online. Post individual ads, or choose from among our three affordable recruitment packages. Each recruitment package includes banner advertising and unlimited recruitment postings to the JOB-LIST.

Ready to advertise? Have questions? Give us a call at 734-930-6854 (9-4:30p.m. Monday-Friday EST) or e-mail (advertising at [replace the “at” with @]) us and we can help you make the best choice for your advertising dollar.

 1. Banner Advertising on can help you target your message to our readers strategically and economically. Advertise over the entire site, or target our sections:

Our Web page Sections & Banner ad sizes (width x height in PIXELS): unlimited impressions

  • Front page Leaderboard Banner: 728 x 90 ad above header: $2,000 per month
  • Front page Banner: 468 x 60 ad $1,000 per month
  • Front page top box: 300 x 250: $500 per month
  • Front page middle box: 300 x 250: $500 per month
  • Front page bottom box: 300 x 250: $500 per month
  • Inner pages middle column skyscraper: 120 x 600: $500 per month
  • Inner pages right column box: 300 x 250: $500 per month
  • Rotate Through Site LEADERBOARD:  728 x 90 ad above header: $2,400 per month
  • Rotate Through Site BANNER:  468 x 60 ad above header: $1,400 per month
  • Rotate Through Site BOX: 300 x 250: $1,400 per month

Banner ad specs.: GIF, JPEG, animated GIF, 3 loops, animation length 20 seconds.

2.  Rent Our USPS & Email Mailing Lists:

We have an absolutely unique email address/postal address mailing list of 159,000 visiting, adjunct, online, part-time & full-time temporary college faculty. Names/email addresses are for one-time use only and cost $150 per thousand. Selects are done free of charge. There is a 1,000 name/email address order minimum and a 7,000 name/email address order maximum. (Want to reach more than 7,000 recipients? Requests for over 7,000 names/email addresses are handled on a case-by-case basis.) We use SendGrid for email blasts, and provide advertisers with a detailed chart of post-blast metrics, including opens and click throughs. We’ll design your digital mailer for a modest fee ($200). We can design your print mailer, as well ($400), upon request. All mailing list orders and design work must be prepaid by check, money order or credit card.

3. Advertise in our weekly AdjunctNation digital newsletter.

Advertise your association, brand, product, services or events to our newsletter recipients. We send out one newsletter per week, and our readers are eager to receive and read it. Your partner promotion ad will be seen by over 30,000 double opted-in recipients. Newsletter partner promotion ads cost $400 per week. Advertisers who reserve four (4) consecutive weeks or more of newsletter advertising pay a discounted rate of $250 per week. Upon request, we’ll design your newsletter ad for a modest fee ($200).

4.  Leverage our Social Media Channels:

Want to advertise on our Facebook page or our Twitter account to reach even more non-tenured faculty? Our active social media family is 10,000 strong. For $400 per month, you can have your brand, product or program announcement posted to one of our social media channels.

5.  Online Recruitment Advertising on

Our Internet JOB-LIST is the most established online employment resource in the United States devoted to the non-tenured faculty employment market in higher education. To email us your recruitment advertisement for the JOB-LIST, please email us (advertising at [replace the “at” with @]). Individual online recruitment advertisements that are posted for 30 days cost $150.00. To send us a recruitment advertisement, please email us (advertising at [replace the “at” with @]). You may also use our online form to post your recruitment advertisement. Interested posting multiple jobs? We have a recruitment package available.

Recruitment Packages

$1,200 Package: Includes unlimited online recruitment postings for one year.

We give two- and four-year institutions the opportunity to take advantage of the scope and the convenience, ease and popularity of Internet advertising, at very reasonable rates.

For more information about recruitment advertising, please call 734-930-6854 9:30-4:30pm (EST).

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