How to Ask Your College Librarian to Subscribe to AdjunctNation

The AdjunctNation Difference:

Percent of articles published in 2020 that focused on adjunct faculty news/issues: 90%

Percent of jobs posted in 2020 that were for faculty appointments: 95%

College and university libraries across the globe subscribe to for their adjunct faculty. AdjunctNation contacts library staff directly of course, and librarians also subscribe to professional development publications when requested to by a faculty member.

As a faculty member, you can phone or email your college librarians and recommend that they add AdjunctNation to their collection.

We’re also happy to contact librarians on behalf of our readers. Here’s how it works:

Simply send an email with the name of the college(s) where you teach to our staff member in charge of library subscriptions. We’ll take it from there! The email address is mwlesko at (replace the “at” with @).

We’ll send a postcard to the campus librarian to¬†alert her/him that a faculty member (we won’t use your name) has asked us to get in touch to¬†recommend AdjunctNation be added to the library’s list of faculty resources.

Questions? Email or call us: 734-930-6854. We’re happy to help.

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