Teaching in Pajamas

This first week of the semester in my online classes, students are required to post an introduction of themselves. Some students write lyric, Dickensian accounts of their lives up to.

I have defended ABC College many times on this blog, despite the fact that many of my colleagues have been unhappy with them. I have never before felt micromanaged and.

I missed a deadline last week.  I teach at ABC College, a proprietary school that is well-known for strict faculty grading deadlines, and I missed one.  I was aware of what I was doing and was willing to accept the consequences.  I had 48 hours...

My first experience with online learning was in July 2003 as a student. This was before the emergence of online social networking as we know it today.  We were not.

One of the schools I teach for originally had a canned curriculum from which all instructors taught . The content was good overall and obviously written by professionals.  There were a few assignments that seemed to always cause confusion, but I quickly learned to just...
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