Auld Lang Syne

First off, Happy New Year to all of our readers! I am looking forward to 2008 as a pivotal year in the life of the Adjunct Advocate and our webpage. This new year marks a turning point for our company as it does, I imagine, for many of you. My hope is that we can all meet the year with thoughtfulness, enthusiasm and compassion for ourselves as well as for others.

And speaking of thoughtfulness, we’ve revamped the Forum section of the website. We’ve added several new forums: The Campus Cafe, Rate Your Students, The Dish on Department Chairs and Deans, The Book Nook and Shoptalk. In doing so, we’re hoping to open up the forums to a wider spectrum of users, and provide those users the opportunity to discuss a wider variety of topics. I am particularly excited about the Campus Cafe and Rate Your Students forums. In both, visitors have the opportunity to comment on, literally, just about anything that comes to mind.

I am also excited about the Shoptalk forum. Like our “shoptalk” column in the Adjunct Advocate magazine, this forum focuses on unionizing. I get questions all the time from part-time faculty who want to know if there are other part-timers with experience forming unions. In this forum, visitors can ask their questions, and present their opinions. What I hope is that it will be a place for people to connect and share information about all of the education unions, as well as independent unions and non-affiliated unionizing drives.

College faculty are voracious readers. Knowing this, we decided to launch The Book Nook. What I hope is that it will be a place for visitors to have collegial discussions about everything literary. The first posting, in fact, is about banned books!

Finally, we added a forum for forum users to ask questions. If you have one about using the forums, please post it there. We will answer your questions as quickly as possible. Users should also remember that the forums are moderated, and postings must be approved before being posted online. Primarily, this is done to combat spammers. You will also note that we kept the security code box, as well. The automatically generated code must be entered before your forum posts can be sent along to the moderators. So please be patient when posting, and remember there is no need to send along your postings multiple times. Check back in a day or so, and your comments will have been posted.

I look forward to reading what our visitors have to say! So please post in as many of the new forums as you like. Let me know what you think of the new forums, and if you have any questions about the forums, don’t forget to post them in Questions, Anyone? Happy posting!

P.S. For those listening to this posting, the music accompanying today’s blog entry comes from the Dropkick Murphys. The group, a Celtic punk band, was formed in Massachusetts in 1996. Enjoy!

Listen to my blog entry here.

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