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Maybe you've already noticed some of the changes we've made to If not, here's a quick list of what's new. When you have a bit of time check out the content: 1.  Greg Beatty blogs on reading & writing. I've been working with Greg...

I want to take a moment and wish everyone Happy Holidays! I'm spending the school break with my family at home. We're enjoying over 14 inches of snow at the.

For the past week, I have been on holiday with my family in California. Family from Italy is visiting, and we all decided to take a trip to California together. It has been exhausting, exciting, incredible and wonderful. We started in San Francisco, and drove...

Listen to my blog entry here. I have this disconcerting habit of answering the phone in a way that makes people think they have reached an answering machine. It's somewhat.

I want to wish a thoughtful and reflective Memorial Day to all of the Adjunct Advocate's readers, and all of the visitors who come and use the resources at

In Adjunct Advocate's May/June 2006 "Colleagues Abroad" issue there was a piece about part-time and contract faculty in India. The piece, titled "The Three Dollar Professor: Teaching Ad Hoc in India," was an eye-opening first-time look at the use of part-time faculty in India. The...
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