What's Cookin' At AdjunctNation.com?

Maybe you’ve already noticed some of the changes we’ve made to AdjunctNation.com. If not, here’s a quick list of what’s new. When you have a bit of time check out the content:
1.  Greg Beatty blogs on reading & writing. I’ve been working with Greg for several years. So, when I decided that we’d do a blog for part-time faculty who conduct research and publish, I thought Greg would be a great choice to write it. Greg lives in the Pacific Northwest, and has written both features and book reviews for Adjunct Advocate. If you are among the many faculty off the tenure-track who research and publish,(or who are interested in researching and publishing) bookmark Greg’s blog.
2.   Relax with our new online crossword puzzle. I know. I know. You’re already spending waaaaaaaaaaay too much time at AdjunctNation when you should be, say, returning student emails and grading assignments. But hey! Even hardworking adjunct faculty need a little rest and relaxation, right? You’ll have to finish the puzzle in one go, because you can’t save your work! There’s a new crossword puzzle for you to try every day.
3.  HangProf competition is going strong. If you are an AdjunctNation.com Family Member (to become a member, click here), login then go and play some HangProf. When you do, your wins will go toward getting you onto the top ten HangProf winners list. The race for the top spot is tough, so good luck!
4.  Wider layout. We’ve expanded the width of the web page by about 1/3rd. This should make reading content easier on the eyes. Let me know what you think.
5.  Super Adjunct offers his “End-of-Semester Tips (Well, Kinda).” Cartoonist and all around funny guy Matthew Henry Hall has a new Super Adjunct blog entry for May meant to tickle your funny bone. Check it out here.
6.  The Adjunct Listserv is up and running, but we’re looking for a moderator. Interested? Send me an email.
6.  What’s missing? Have an idea for content for the AdjunctNation.com web site? Send me an email.

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