California Dreamin'

For the past week, I have been on holiday with my family in California. Family from Italy is visiting, and we all decided to take a trip to California together. It has been exhausting, exciting, incredible and wonderful. We started in San Francisco, and drove down Highway 1, which borders the Pacific, until we got to Big Sur. Well, we almost got to Big Sur. There are currently out of control wildfires in the area. So, we drove down the coast as far as we could get, then turned around and stayed in Carmel. In the morning, the car was covered with fine ash.
Aside from the scenery, choosing food for the Italians (they loved the burger with green chilis, and onion rings in the small cafe in Pismo Beach, and have become Mexican food addicts) friendly people, and oceans views, while driving on the highways, we came across many of the colleges with which we do business. Either the college library subscribes to the Adjunct Advocate, or has purchased books from the Part-Time Press. It has been a terrific reminder just how far and wide our reach is across the United States.
It’s an awesome responsibility to publish Adjunct Advocate, and one I take very seriously. To all of my California readers, I send out a hearty, “Thanks!” I have thoroughly enjoyed visiting your state, and seeing where you live, and the campuses of the colleges where you teach part-time.

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