The Mentor Is In

Over the years I have given a great deal of thought to grading, incentives, and fairness.  One anecdote will illustrate what started me on the road to thinking about how.

[private]Pedagogy is the art of getting people to learn. As college professors, teaching people how to learn is at the heart of our profession.  The activities we assign need to be geared toward that end, and so this post is about tips for creating effective...

This blog has been geared toward introductory classes and those teaching them, since my assumption is that a blog on teaching tips will be most attractive to new professors, and.

Folks new to the college experience, whatever their age or pathway, are expecting teachers.  The trouble is that teaching is a whole other profession, with a completely different educational profile,.

Despite the many social and demographic changes that have resulted in colleges and universities welcoming a wider variety of non-traditional students (from returning women to life-long learners) the biggest chunk of our students will likely be relatively fresh out of high school, and still in...
If you have been teaching for at least a semester, you may have noticed that students don’t do the reading we assign them, shocker, I know.  So what can we do about this? Should we throw up our hands, deciding that students are in charge...
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