The Mentor Is In

This blog has been geared toward introductory classes and those teaching them, since my assumption is that a blog on teaching tips will be most attractive to new professors, and new professors largely teach the introductory courses.  This is also a blog geared toward adjuncts,...

Folks new to the college experience, whatever their age or pathway, are expecting teachers.  The trouble is that teaching is a whole other profession, with a completely different educational profile,.

For an adjunct, one of the biggest hassles can be managing diverse avenues of communication at multiple schools. At the beginning of every academic year I consider myself lucky if IT doesn’t accidentally bump me off the email list and I still have a phone...

My friends often comment upon my penchant for organization, but I tell them, the reason I am organized is because I am extremely lazy.  Investing the time up front frees.

This post is about thinking through and crafting your teaching philosophy. You may be in a discipline where this is a common practice, but even if you are an old.

For many of us, the year opens like gates at a horse racetrack.  To outsiders, it may have seemed like we got a ridiculous amount of time off over the holidays (nine to fivers of my acquaintance worked BOTH Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve,...
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