People send me letters, emails, newsletters, book proposals, pleas for money, applications for employment, and all manner of information. Yesterday, I got a faxed copy of the May/June Spotlight, the newsletter of the AFT-Washington. In it, there are two interesting tidbits. Let's start by saying...

Listen to my blog entry here. Everyone hurries through certain tasks. I hurry through brushing my hair sometimes in the morning if I am up late. I pay for it,.

Ever been struck by lightning? Ever won $1,000,000 bucks in the lottery? Ever had a tenure-track job handed to you? Hell's Bells, then, you're never standing in the wrong place;.

Today, at InsideHigherEd.com, and on the AFT Face Talk blog, we have the makings of a bona fide tizzy. Ms. Margaret West lost her job as a part-time faculty member after 21 years of employment at Edmonds Community College in Washington State. Take a deep...
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