Tough Love & Higher Education

By P.D. Lesko My kids wanted a $1,200 LEGO set. They wanted it badly. They waaaaaaanted it now. They tried to justify the cost. It was important. It was educational. Needless to say, I told them no. Kids who live off the largesse of parents have to be taught the value of money. Some of […]

Academic Matchmaking: Connections

[private]By Jenny Ortiz As a Freeway Flyer, I interact with diverse student populations. It’s one of the reasons I love to campus hop. Since I started teaching at three different campuses, I’ve always wanted to have my different classes interact somehow. Of course it’d be much easier to have classes on the same campus connect, […]

Semester Wrap-up: Reflections of a New Adjunct

By Erik Hanson It’s the Monday morning after Finals and all my grades are tallied, waiting to be posted by college officials. I’m caught between rummaging through my files for something to do (there has got to be something to do because there’s always something to do, isn’t there?) and turning off the alarm for […]

My Job Stinks, Literally

By Kat Kiefer-Newman One of my colleges is a quiet, little collection of buildings neatly tucked in among several large, pastorally lovely, and incredibly smelly dairies. A few days after the occasional rain we get here in the desert valley of Southern California the hills turn a vivid green, with skies so blue you wonder if […]

Just A Side of Fries, Please

By Ron Tinsley I have learned the hard way that not all Ph.D.s are created equal. I went to graduate school dreaming about teaching college. For some reason, no one clued me in to the fact that to teach at major research universities, you need a doctorate. For some reason, I didn’t clue myself in, […]

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