Tips For Giving Feedback To Students More Efficiently and Effectively

By Bruce A. Johnson, Ph.D., MBA An adjunct instructor has many responsibilities to consider each week and this emphasizes the need to have effective facilitation strategies. One responsibility that can be extremely demanding is feedback for written assignments, especially for assignments that are lengthy and involve complex topics. The challenge is to provide meaningful feedback […]

Group Work Enhances Learning

By Bruce A. Johnson, Ph.D., MBA When you consider how the process of learning occurs within an online classroom, you are likely to find that the necessary components of learning are still required, only the format and delivery of the materials has changed. One important aspect of learning that is necessary for any classroom environment […]

Helping Students Overcome Information Overload

By Bruce A. Johnson, Ph.D., MBA When students begin a class they are assigned course materials, resources and a syllabus, along with additional information provided by their instructor. As the class progresses the amount of information that students must process increases as they are assigned additional materials, the instructor provides lectures or online classroom postings, […]

Do Students Need to Trust Us to Learn?

By Bruce A. Johnson, Ph.D., MBA When you consider the importance of building strong working relationships with your students, how important is the element of trust and is it necessary for effective classroom facilitation? Can the process of learning occur even if students have not developed a sense of trust with their instructor? When students […]

Purposeful Learning and Students’ Active Involvement

By Bruce A. Johnson, Ph.D., MBA Most adjuncts would agree that every student has an ability to learn and often that ability is influenced by such characteristics as motivation, persistence, and self-confidence. Do you believe that any student can increase their capacity to learn through focused involvement in the class? Students experience casual learning and […]

What Adjuncts Need to Know About Adult Learning Theories

By Bruce A. Johnson, Ph.D., MBA Adjunct instructors are often hired because of their subject matter expertise and related work experience. There are also educational requirements, which may or may not have included coursework related to adult learning theories. For example, are you familiar with the foundational adult education theories of andragogy, self-directed learning, and […]

Helping Adjuncts Avoid Stress

By Bruce A. Johnson, Ph.D., MBA The life of an adjunct isn’t always easy. In fact, it can be very demanding when you have facilitation duties to complete and deadlines are looming. An instructor is expected create a classroom environment that promotes learning, while addressing students’ developmental needs. From the students’ perspective, it is expected […]

How Do You Engage Students with Your Feedback?

By Bruce A. Johnson, Ph.D., MBA As an adjunct you are often spending a significant amount of time developing feedback for your students, especially for their written assignments. The developmental progress of your students is strengthened when you provide meaningful feedback and they respond to it, either through their actions and improved performance or their […]

Student Retention Begins With You

By Bruce A. Johnson, Ph.D., MBA When you hear the phrase student retention, what comes to mind? Is it a set of numbers that the school hopes to achieve? Is it something to be addressed from a school-wide perspective, which is beyond your control? Or do you consider the impact that you have upon student […]

Connecting Course Materials to Students’ Needs

By Bruce A. Johnson, Ph.D., MBA Materials Provided for Your Class When an adjunct instructor is assigned a course they are often provided with course materials that may include a textbook, syllabus, articles, websites, or other resources. Do you review these materials prior to the start of class? How do you decide that you have […]