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I just popped online to view our November 2007 webpage statistics. Before you yawn and decide that I am waaaaaaay too nerdy, let me promise that I won't get too technical. To begin, I will say in my defense that I do not view the...
It has been a loooooong road making the switch from print to digital. Thus far, we have had nothing but positive responses from readers. I have been particularly encouraged by the responses from our library subscribers. The librarians are, almost uniformly, thrilled to be able...

On the 20th of November, the New York Times ran a piece titled "Decline of Tenure Track Raises Concerns." In that piece, Keith Hoeller, an adjunct activist from Washington State,.

Welcome to Lesko blog, my new blog. Here, I'll have an opportunity to speak directly to our readers about publishing the Adjunct Advocate. I also want to listen, carefully, to.

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