Huzzah for Adjuncts in Maryland

According to this piece posted to the Gazette.Net web site, 1,075 part-time faculty at Montgomery College voted to affiliate with the SEIU on June 3rd. The group is the first and only group of college faculty teaching at a public college in the state of Maryland to unionize. Union leaders chose to affiliate with SEIU over AFT, NEA and AAUP on advice from colleagues at George Washington University, who spent seven years organizing 1,000 part-timers there.

In the Podcast Interview with Kip Lornell, part-time faculty and union organizer from George Washington University’s part-time faculty union, he tells a revealing tale of shopping his 1,000 member group to AFT and AAUP, and coming away frustrated and disappointed.

Congratulations to the part-timers at Montgomery College. Let’s hope the group and college officials bargain a first contract smoothly.

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