Keeping Your Sanity? A Little Pampering Helps.

By some people’s definition, “adjunct” may be synonym for “insanity.” One might agree on those days we are scattered and burdened with oodles of papers to grade. If you have ever eyed a picket-white straitjacket as an alternative to grading assignments, read on for some solutions to the madness. We’ve all had those frantic phone calls from anxious students who need our attention at that very second. Of course we drop everything to deal with these mini-crises because we have absolutely nothing better to do. Right. This can be overwhelming when dealing with students from multiple colleges. How do you cope with stress? 

I have yet to find all the answers or one teacher who has it all together. One thing I have discovered is we must remember to pamper ourselves amidst the chaos swirling around us. 

Incorporate humor into your daily routine. How can you find time to fit anything else into an already crammed day? Try visiting YouTube for a bit of laughter. I have begun weaving videos into my online classes. While searching for appropriate additions for grammar help, I have found some pretty amusing videos to watch. Something like Tim Hawkins, the singing comedian, ( is the ticket for a sure fire pick-me-up. 

While you are at YouTube, check out the how-to videos on making a day spa at home. How many people don’t like the smell of chocolate? My favorite is the DIY chocolate anti-aging facial, (, made from things in the pantry. Heck, if you adjunct online and nobody can see you, why not benefit from this yummy indulgence? But can you pass up eating some chocolate? Keep some Hershey’s dark chocolate stashed in your desk; it’s a wonderful way to treat yourself.

My last secret is to take 15 minutes to engage into guilty fun. I find a few games of Scrabble or canasta at the online game site Pogo helps me clear my mind. Heck, your computer probably has solitaire and mahjong already installed for a much-needed emergency break. I thrill in the accomplishment of beating the computer; I love using all seven tiles to make a bingo by hitting the triple word score with the word zipper. Whoop-whoop! Next time you feel overwhelmed with the busy work of teaching part-time, take time out to pamper yourself, because nobody else will.

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