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As I’ve written before, one of the most enjoyable aspects of my job is working on our web site. It pleases me no end to provide a much-used resource for the nation’s 700,000 faculty off the tenure-track. In March, we served up about 3 million pages. Better still, our page count per user was a very respectable 8. In fact, when compared to The Chronicle of Higher Education’s web site, and, our users stay on our site viewing content much longer, and view 4-6 times as many pages when they stop by. Thanks!

In April, we’re launching a new blog by writer Greg Beatty. Greg is going to write about, well, reading, writing, publishing and research—with an adjunct slant, of course. I asked Greg to blog about research and publishing. I did this because, as we know, adjunct faculty conduct research and publish. Furthermore, those non-tenured faculty who expect to jump onto the tenure-track must conduct research and publish if they’re going to be successful. I hope you enjoy this new blog.  

This month, cartoonist Matt Hall sent along a Super Adjunct blog entry that lampoons the “adjunct award” event at fictitious Goose Egg University, where our hero Super Adjunct teaches. Check out Matt’s new blog entry here. I recently wrote about adjunct award apartheid in my blog at (“Separate and Unequal Teaching Awards”). Great minds think alike; I never mentioned my Chronicle blog piece to Matt, and he outlined his new piece to me in general terms. Ah, well, enjoy.

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