I received a letter in late-November from someone wanting a copy of “Adjunct as Object: A Look At a Dozen Dissertations.” It was published in the July/August 2002 issue of Adjunct Advocate. In his letter, the writer said:
….By the way, I am defending my dissertation November 29, 2007–it is titled “A Case Study of the Utilization of Adjunct Faculty in a Private University.” Your publication and its contributors were the very seed of inspiration. Wish me luck!

A quick search on Google, turned up these other dissertations:

  • The proper care and feeding of adjunct faculty. A qualitative multi-site case study: The integration of part-time adjunct faculty within the hierarchical organization of higher education.
  • The effects of salary on job satisfaction among community college adjunct faculty.
  • Successful Adjunct Faculty Personnel Practices in the VCCS.
  • A study of the effects of a mentoring initiative on the performance of new, adjunct community college faculty.
  • Using Classroom Assessment Techniques: The Experiences of Adjunct Faculty at a Vanguard Learning College and Two Non-Vanguard Community Colleges.I am not sure if the proliferation of dissertations which examine the “adjunct problem” is good or a cause for alarm. I suppose, like with anything, only time will tell. In the meantime, glad to have been of service to my correspondent and soon-to-be Ph.D. holder. I hope, of course, he gets a full-time job.

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