Baruch Prez Plays Little League….

According to an article in The Ticker, Dr. Kathleen Waldron scored a $10,735 raise to bring her annual salary to $249,285.


Of course, compared to University of Michigan President Dr. Mary Sue Coleman’s salary of $743,151, Waldron’s salary is, well, Little League. Then again, so is Dr. Waldron’s decision to reduce the pay of her part-time faculty by 1/3rd during finals week.

Ticker writer Rob Reale writes:

Baruch’s position is that a final exam lasts two hours, so instead of paying for a standard week of three credit hours, the salary is reduced by 1/3 to represent the “actual” number of hours the adjunct professor works. For the first fourteen weeks of the semester, adjuncts are paid for three hours per week per class, but in the 15th week, they are paid for two.


Kathleen Waldron is playing hardball over a whopping $40,000, which is the amount a Baruch employee estimates it would cost her to pay all of the college’s adjuncts for the one extra hour. She needs to get her head in the game, and keep her eye on the ball. Then, maybe, she can move up to the big leagues, and her institution’s part-time faculty can stop feeling “nickel and dimed.”

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