The Luckiest Juror. Kinda.

By Kat Kiefer-Newman Welcome back fellow adjuncts! I hope your holidays and break were full of fun and joy and happy times. I definitely had my share of those things, and more than a little luck to guide me as I finished my dissertation edits and started prepping for the Spring semester. Luck seems to […]

Part-Time Paramours: Who’s Zooming Whom?

By Kat Kiefer-Newman Over the holidays I went to a department Christmas party with a friend and fellow adjunct professor. This was a party thrown by the Chair of the Department at one of the colleges my friend (not I) teaches at, and both full-time and part-time faculty members mingled. I went with him because […]

Higher Education: The Next Bubble To Burst?

By P.D. Lesko The new E-Zine content went up and there are a couple of pieces that deal directly with the question of whether higher education will be the next “bubble” to burst. In “A College Education of Diminishing Returns,” the writer, Eric Fry, examines the myth of the value of an undergraduate degree. When […]

My Job Stinks, Literally

By Kat Kiefer-Newman One of my colleges is a quiet, little collection of buildings neatly tucked in among several large, pastorally lovely, and incredibly smelly dairies. A few days after the occasional rain we get here in the desert valley of Southern California the hills turn a vivid green, with skies so blue you wonder if […]

Keeping “U” Sane While Grading? Yes, It’s “Defiantly” Possible. Just Sayin’.

By Kat Kiefer-Newman It’s finals week. My college-attending daughters are running around like coffee-addicted wind-up toys. My husband is beyond stressed. I am quivering in the corner, muttering over stacks of ungraded assignments. Deadlines loom large. In addition to the regular stuff, I am also working on Student Learning Outcomes at both of my colleges. […]

Via My Students: Uncommon Cures for the Common Cold

By Kat Kiefer-Newman I’ve been sick. Very, very sick. We all get sick, I know. This Fall semester, though, the weather seems especially chaotic, and my students have been particularly sniffley (that’s when they even come to class). The result of all the sniffles is that, yeah, I catch a lot of what they have. […]

Jealousy (Maybe Just A Little)

By P.D. Lesko I’m starting to get jealous of’s Juggling 101 blogger Kat Kiefer-Newman. Her blog posts are shared and shared and shared on Facebook with a regularity that I just can’t seem to match on my own blog. Not that I’m competing. Really. It’s just that her Thanksgiving post “I’m NOT Tarting Up […]

My Students’ Heinous Spelling Is Killing Me

By Kat Kiefer-Newman Note: The following word “lisense” is in no way the fault of my indispensible and acurate-spelling editor. I have another sore throat, and the damp-rainy season here in Southern California has only just started. I’m actually quite healthy, overall, but because I’m in the classroom (closed, cramped, crowded) my immune system just can’t […]

I’m NOT Tarting Up Thanksgiving in the Classroom (or Anywhere Else) This Year, Thank You Very Much

By Kat Kiefer-Newman It never fails: Students always complain about having to go to class the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Hey! I don’t like having to report to work on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, either. Year-after-year, my husband and I scramble to get everything done before the noon meal, mainly because we both teach and don’t […]

Test Anxiety. Big Time.

By Kat Kiefer-Newman I hate tests. Maybe that’s an odd confession from an instructor, but it’s true. It doesn’t matter if it’s an academic test, either. I react poorly to having blood tests, having to take DMV tests, personality tests (although I am rather fond of the Meyers-Briggs Topology, but that’s another subject for another […]