Part-Time FacXplotation "Coming to a Boil"

There are a mere 40,800 college faculty in Canada, and 50-60 percent of them work off the tenure-track. According to a piece published in the Calgary Herald, the overuse of scads of perma-temp faculty in Canada is “coming to a boil.” Why? The rapid expansion of public employee unions and the fact that “these professors are asking for a bigger piece of the pie.”
The piece quotes the AFT-Washington funded study by Dr. Dan Jacoby in which he concludes that higher numbers of part-time faculty lead to lower graduation rates. Jacoby was then trotted out in front of the Washington State legislature to convince the politicians to give AFT-Washington money for the union’s FACE program. Jacoby testified that, “This should not be taken to mean that part-time faculty offer less quality, but it would be absurd to believe that working under the deplorable conditions they work under does not have an impact on the system.”
Check out the article in the Herald. Part-timers at York University struck for 11 weeks to get a bigger slice of the pie. The unionized part-timers were forced back to work by provincial politicians who caved under pressure from unhappy constituents.

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