Through the Looking Glass and into the National Labor College


I was reading about the National Labor College (oh, don’t even ask me why), and I came upon this information on the AFT website:

FACULTY: 10 full-time and 30 adjunct/part-time. Part-time faculty voted for AFT representation in November 2007.

I missed coverage of that union drive in the November 2007 issue of AFT’s newspaper On Campus. Really, who cares if the part-timers chose to unionize at the NLC. It’s this next bit of information that I found the most interesting.

At National Labor College, headed by a Vice President of the AFT, Dr. William Scheuerman, there is a full-time/part-time faculty ratio of 1:3.

According to AFT officials nationwide, faculty excellence is best served when 70 percent of the faculty at a college or university hold full-time, tenure-line appointments. At the NLC only 25 percent of the faculty are full-time. Oh, and there are 13 administrators, including a President, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost, Executive Vice President, Assistant to the President for Institutional Advancement, Deputy Provost, Deputy Provost for Online Learning and a Deputy Executive Vice President, Director of Human Resources.

Through the Looking Glass and into Wonderland. The National Labor College.

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