I want to talk a little bit about changes that have been made recently here at Adjunct Advocate. Of course, the most important change is that the Adjunct Advocate is no longer a print publication. If you are a print subscriber, please visit our Migration Page to switch your subscription to digital. It takes only a moment, and we’ll automatically extend your subscription.

We’ve made some changes on the website, as well. Have a look! First off, you can now listen to my blog entries. I have been having slightly too much fun writing and finding music to go with the topic of each blog. No matter, for those inclined to hear what I have to say, you need only click on this link and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

In addition, we’ve made it easier to comment on the blog entries. Simply scroll down to the bottom of the entry you want to comment on, type in your comment, enter the security code provided, and hit enter. Comments will be screened in the same way comments posted to our Message Boards are. This is to discourage spammers. As such, blog comments won’t be posted automatically, but rather after they have been checked to make sure they are not the product of someone trying to sell Viagra or tout the latest online gambling site.

Other changes you may notice have to do with the way visitors may read Adjunct Advocate articles. In past, we used a service called BitPass. It was a third party provider, and required users to leave our site, purchase credits and return. In response, we developed our own AdjunctNationCredits. Credits may be purchased in our secure online store, and used to purchase individual articles, as well as individual issues in PDF format that visitors would like to read. In purchasing and using the AdjunctNationCredits, you are supporting the authors of the articles directly. Unlike other higher education publications, we do not force writers to sell us all of the rights to the pieces they write for us. Ninety days after publication, all rights revert back to the authors. There is a $5 dollar minimum AdjunctNationCredit purchase.

The Adjunct Quiz Giveaway is BACK! Score a B or better on the Quiz, and a page will pop up that allows you to enter our prize drawing. Give the Pop Quiz a whirl. It’s fun and challenging. We’re giving away subscriptions to Adjunct Advocate, books, AdjunctNationCredits and other cool stuff!

Finally, for subscribers, when you login and go to the “Magazine” section, you will notice a new link to download the current issue in PDF format located directly under the cover of the magazine. For those who are not subscribers, the link will be to purchase the issue of the magazine. To purchase the magazine, you may use AdjunctNationCredits!!

Listen to my blog entry here.

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