Survey Reveals Colleges’ Plans Regarding Cuts To Adjunct Hours in Response to Obamacare

by Tyler Kingkade

Officials at Joliet Junior College, Palm Beach State College, Daytona State College, Bergen Community College and Kean University have decided to limit the hours/courses for adjunct faculty in order to avoid having to provide those faculty health insurance as required by the Patient Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). At the moment, however, the majority of the nation’s adjunct college instructors are caught in purgatory as their employers, which have increasingly relied on them as a cheap source of labor, decide if they will restrict the hours the instructors are allowed to work to avoid providing them with health insurance.

Only about one-fourth of colleges have decided on criteria for determining whether a part-time faculty member is working 30 hours or more a week, and thus will be entitled under Obamacare to health insurance coverage from the school, according to a survey released this week by the College and University Professional Association for Human Resources. But a wave of colleges have announced new restrictions this year on the hours that adjunct, or part-time, faculty members are allowed to work.

No survey respondents said they believe the Affordable Care Act will cause their insurance costs to go down, but 40

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5 Comments for “Survey Reveals Colleges’ Plans Regarding Cuts To Adjunct Hours in Response to Obamacare”

  1. Devin Cary. It has hurt the retirees that teach because they love it, not for a major source of income. Now I am someone who has the education and work experience that is denied access to students. I don’t need Obamacare. I already have health care.

  2. […] Missouri Three Rivers College Public Capped teaching loads for adjunct faculty Aug-13 New Jersey Bergen Community College Public Limited adjunct course loads Aug-13 Utah Davis School District Public Cut hours for bus […]

  3. […] Missouri Three Rivers College Public Capped teaching loads for adjunct faculty Aug-13 New Jersey Bergen Community College Public Limited adjunct course loads Aug-13 Alabama University of Alabama Public Capped student […]

  4. Devin, it’s tragic that this is happening. It’s not Obamacare, however, that is the problem. It’s college administrators who are choosing to use this strategy to keep from providing health care to part-time and adjunct faculty.

  5. I was up for a full time position at a school I work for. Adjuncting is my semi-retirement job, so I was asked to consider this carefully…..We’d talked about it within the department since two of the full time profs were retiring within a year. Well, retire they did….and the school put a hiring freeze on new full timers. SO, I no longer have that option. However, I was slated for two courses this fall and three in spring with the possibility of this being raised to three and four if I agreed to it in my contract as still being “adjunct.” The school’s way of getting around the “hiring freeze” I guess. Anyhow, I ended up with only one course in fall, and MAYBE two in spring. WHY? Obamacare. My division chair was quite clear on that point. I’d always been able to negotiate with the school on things like benefits before, but now it’s not allowed or even legal according to him. He says that Obamacare is required if I “work” more than 30 hours each week so the MOST they THINK I can work is two classes per semester. AND that’s up for debate as the powers that be decide how many hours that actually entails. Sadly, it is the students and the remaining full time professors that suffer. They’ve had to resort to putting courses online that shouldn’t be probably because the full timers don’t have the TIME to teach as many as are needed. There are only two of us adjuncts in the department and one of those will ONLY do one course per semester. So, our full timers must take up the slack. It’s sad to see a need go unmet because they can no longer hire me full time NOR give me enough courses to take some of the load off these hard working faculty. So, here I sit in limbo with my ONE class and not being able to help all because of Obamacare. Who knew that national healthcare would affect the quality of a college education. Geesh!

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