Bucking the Trends

One frequently reads in the newspaper and magazine articles published about part-time faculty these days (many of which are authored by tenured or tenure-line faculty) that a major problem with the use of part-time faculty is their lack of commitment to the institutions at which they work. Well, ladies and gentlemen of the tenured professorate, let me introduce you to Michael Olds. Next April, his school is planning to honor him as the college’s Part-Time Faculty Member of the Year. He has taught at his college since 1983. Congratulations to Professor Olds.

This study, “Part-Time Faculty At Community Colleges: A National Profile,” published in 1999, was conducted by the National Education Association. It it, author James Palmer writes,
Many part-time faculty members are longterm employees, despite their limited roles outside of the classroom. In Fall 1992, 20.1 percent and 22.9 percent of part-time faculty members at community colleges held their teaching assignments for 10 years or more and for five to nine years, respectively.


Any of you out there reading my blog long-time adjuncts? Care to blow your own horns? Go right ahead! I’d love to hear from you.

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