No Conflicts at CCCCs This Year

I am presenting at the March 2009 National Council of English Teacher’s CCCCs Conference in San Francisco. I just visited the NCTE’s web site and used their great conference event scheduler tool to check out what’s on tap at the conference when I am free. I spent way too much time searching through the offerings, and have settled on 10 offerings. I thought I would share my Convention Schedule with you. To download it in pdf format, click here. You’ll see where I’ll be, the title of the presentation, roundtable, workshop, etc….and a detailed description of the event. I am particularly interested (obviously) in offerings that focus on the professional needs and concerns of temporary faculty. I have to say that this year’s CCCCs offers an unprecedented selection.

Furthermore, unlike in past years, the schedulers did a fantastic job of making sure that those events that focus on temporary faculty concerns and issues are not presented at conflicting times. The last time I went to CCCCs in San Francisco, there were numerous scheduling conflicts, even though there were fewer than 10 total offerings that touched on issues related to temporary faculty. I was disappointed, and sent off an email to the Executive Director of NCTE, Kent Williamson. I am sure I wasn’t the only person who found the scheduling conflicts frustrating, and I am delighted to see that this year’s convention offers even more for part-time, adjunct and temporary faculty and that there are no scheduling conflicts!

I am presenting at CCCCs on Wednesday March 11th in the “Adjuncts & Allies” all-day workshop organized by Greg Zobel. Greg writes the wonderful “Adjunct Advice” blog for Bedford St. Martin’s Adjunct Central web site. If you plan to attend the CCCCs, I hope you’ll check out the workshop.

I am planning to arrange an evening social gathering for temporary faculty attending CCCCs on Friday evening March 13th. If you have suggestions, feel free to leave a blog comment or email me. Stay tuned!

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