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I love really well done interviews. Interviewing, I think, is an art form, and it’s a part of my job that I enjoy immensely. I am fortunate enough to be able to contact most newsmakers in higher education, and get speedy replies to my inquiries. I’m not saying the replies are always positive. However, with patience and persistence, I have been able to land interviews with most everyone I’ve set out to interview.
Well, all this recording of blogs got me thinking. Ask my family, and they will tell you that when I think, it can be very dangerous. In this case, however, I believe I’ve come up with a great idea! There are just loads of enthusiastic, intelligent, motivated and interesting people in higher education today who are busy at work advocating on behalf of the country’s 700,000 temporary faculty. From Cary Nelson (currently running for re-election as the President of AAUP) to Kip Lornell (part-time faculty spokesman and union organizer for the past eight years at George Washington University). What publication better to interview them about their work on behalf of the nation’s 700,000 part-time faculty than Adjunct Advocate?
So, we’re going to start offering regular Podcasts! We’re kicking it off this Thursday with an interview with John Pawlowski, president of the 1000 member part-time faculty union at Pace University, in New York. We wrote about the Pace faculty union’s struggle recently in the “Part-Time Thoughts” blog, as well as in the news section of the Adjunct Advocate March/April 2006 magazine.
Look for a link to the Podcast of my interview with John Pawlowski in the Friday issue of the e-Advocate Newsletter. If you aren’t already signed up to receive the free weekly update, email me. I’ll make sure you get it each week. To have a look at the most recent e-Advocate Newsletter, click here.
Enjoy the new Podcast feature! In future, we’ll be asking for your suggestions about whom to interview, and what questions you’d like to have asked. In the meantime, thank you for visiting, and reading my blog.

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