Resources for Finding Work Abroad

by Melissa Doak

Looking for international work can be daunting—and downright frustrating without good resources. Fortunately, there are now many useful guides for job searches in almost any field or discipline in almost any country. However, you won’t find many of these published resources in your local bookstore. Some of the best guides, published by small organizations, lack retail distribution. Even books by major publishers may not be stocked.

To help you in your search, we’ve provided a list of the top resources available along with complete contact information.

Teaching Abroad: K-12 and University-Level

Fulbright Scholar Program: Grants for U.S. Faculty and Professionals [>]. The Fulbright Scholar Program provides opportunities for university-level research and lecture positions abroad. In general, the positions require doctoral or master’s degrees or equivalent professional experience. The application deadline for lecturing and research awards is August 1st; for the distinguished chairs program is May 1st, for international education administrators is November 1st; and there is a rolling deadline for senior specialists. You can obtain further information by writing to the Council for International Exchange of Scholars, 3007 Tilden St. NW, Suite 5L, Washington, DC 20008-3009, by phoning the program at 202-686-4000 or faxing them at 202-362-3442; or by email at

Fulbright Teacher and Administrator Exchange Program []. The Exchange Program provides an opportunity for educators to participate in direct exchanges of positions with colleagues from other countries for as long as a full academic year. Application deadline for 2006-2007: October 15, 2005. Late applications will be considered only for countries where additional candidates are needed. Download the application from; or for a paper copy, write the Fulbright Teacher and Administrator Exchange Program, 600 Maryland Ave. SW, Suite 320, Washington, DC 20024; or phone (202) 314-3520 or fax (202) 479-6806; or send email to

Bulletin of Overseas Teaching Opportunities, published by Overseas Academic Opportunities. Monthly bulletin listing openings primarily for new teachers in all K-12 subject areas. The only language needed is English; state certification is not required. Positions are regularly available in over 50 countries. Buy it online from, $52.65/12 issues.

Overseas Placement Service for Educators, Univ. of Northern Iowa (UNI) []. UNI is home to the original international recruitment fair for K-12 educators, attracting over 100 international schools each February. You must be a certified elementary or secondary teacher to participate. With payment of the registration fee, you will receive access to the Overseas Recruitment Fair, the UNI Overseas Placement Matters Newsletter, the UNI Overseas Fact Sheet Book, and UNI Overseas Credential & Referral Services. To order registration materials ($5 charge), call the Overseas Placement Service at (319) 273-2083 or email, or download it for free (email for instructions). Registration deadline for the February 2005 fair is January 14, 2005, or when 750 applicants have registered, whichever comes first.

The ISS Directory of International Schools, 2004-2005. A comprehensive directory of more than 500 American and international schools around the world. Order for $45.95 using the order form available at; you can also call the publications department at (609) 452-0990 or email International Schools Services also offers recruitment services for American and international schools; candidates must have a bachelor’s degree and two years’ teaching experience; most positions require certification. Contact the Educational Staffing department by email at, by phone at (609) 452-0990, or by fax at (609) 452-2690.

Friends of World Teaching []. Friends of World Teaching maintains updated listings of English-speaking schools and colleges in over 100 foreign countries where educators may apply throughout the year. For a more information, send an email to with the following subject line: Details, please! To order application information, visit http://www.fowt. com/ordernow/mail.html. You will receive information for up to three countries for $20 ($4 for each additional country). Mail the completed form, with payment, to Friends of World Teaching, P.O. Box 301994, Escondido, CA 92030-1994.

U.S. Department of State, Office of Overseas Schools []. The Teaching Overseas section of the Office of Overseas Schools website offers information on American-sponsored schools overseas. Fact sheets available at the Web site provide detailed information on many schools []. From the Office of Overseas Schools, you may also link to the Department of Defense Education Activity Web site [], where you can apply for K-12 employment at over 200 schools around the world that serve U.S. military bases.

Teaching English Abroad

“Teaching Abroad Without Certification,” by William Nolting []. This article provides an excellent overview of teaching abroad–with advice for what to consider as you decide to teach abroad, how to choose a program, and a large list of U.S.-based organizations that place teachers of English abroad. Available at the University of Michigan International Center’s Web site.

French Cultural Services: English Teaching Assistant Program []. Over a thousand academic-year positions available for Americans aged 20 to 34 who are working toward a college degree or who have a degree and proficiency in French to teach English in France. Stipend covers living expenses. The application is available for download at Applications can also be obtained from Ambassade de France, Service culturel/SCULE, Programme Assistant, 4101 Reservoir Road, NW, Washington, DC 20007; phone (202) 944-6294.

The Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme (JET) []. The JET Programme is the largest program for teaching English abroad, with more than 6,000 participants annually. The program offers two types of paid positions in Japan: English-teaching assistantships in secondary schools, or Coordinator for International Relations, which requires Japanese proficiency. Download the brochure at http://www. pdf. To apply, visit or contact the Office of the JET Program, Embassy of Japan, by phone at 202-238-6772.

Peace Corps []. The Peace Corps sends substantial numbers of volunteer teachers of English and other subjects such as math, science and business to regions including Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and Russia, Latin America, the Middle East and the Pacific Basin. Explore the Volunteer section of the Peace Corps Web site for more details. To contact a recruiter in your area, phone (800) 424-8580.

Teaching English Abroad: Talk Your Way Around the World, 6th edition, by Susan Griffith. Globe Pequot, 2002. 544 pp. This book is unique in its extensive worldwide coverage (including Western and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and other regions left out of other guides). The outstanding volume gives in-depth information on everything from training as an EFL teacher to the job search to handling problems that arise. Includes a directory of over 1,500 schools. Buy it from for $13.97.

Work Abroad: The Complete Guide to Finding Work Overseas, edited by Clay Hubbs, Susan Griffith and William Nolting. Transitions Abroad, 2002, 192 pp. This book includes chapters on short-term jobs and teaching abroad. It also evaluates over 160 Web sites. Available for $15.95 from http://www.working

English International []. A Web site offering information and advice to anyone considering teaching English overseas. Includes sections on training options, the job markets, and resources.

Teaching English Overseas: A Job Guide for Americans & Canadians, by Jeff Mohamed, English International, 2003, 224 pp. The book offers advice on teaching without training, the job market, the job search, and dealing with culture shock. Available for purchase for $19.95 through English International [].

O-Hayo Sensei: The Newsletter of Teaching Jobs in Japan, edited by Lynn Cullivan []. This newsletter includes lists of current job openings in Japan for English teachers, university-level teachers and others. Published twice-monthly by e-mail, $12 for 12 issues, or read it online for free. To subscribe, send check or money order payable to O-Hayo Sensei, Subscription Dept., 1032 Irving St. PMB 508, San Francisco, CA 94122.

TESLJB-L (Jobs and Employment) Listserv: Join this listserv and you will get a variety of international job announcements every week; the discussion list also occasionally considers questions on salary, working conditions, and other employment issues. To join TESLJB-L, first join the general TESL-L listserv. Send an email to with the following information in the body of your email: SUB TESL-L (your e-mail address) (your first & last name). Once you’ve subscribed to the main TESL-L listserv, send another email with the following information in the body of your email: SUB TESL-L (your first & last name).

TESOL Placement E-Bulletin []. A placement email bulletin available only to TESOL members, listing position openings for qualified ESL/EFL teachers and administrators. Contact TESOL, 700 South Washington St., Suite 200, Alexandria, VA 22314; by phone at (703) 836-0774 or (888) 547-3369; or by email at

These resources should help you in your search for teaching adventures overseas. Happy hunting!

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