Super Adjunct Set to Debut (Among Other News)

Today, we will welcome our newest blogger, Super Adjunct. For those who have never seen the Super Adjunct cartoons created for Adjunct Advocate by cartoonist Matthew Henry Hall, please check them out online here. Once monthly, Super Adjunct will weigh in about the “adjunct life” with his particular brand of activism. This will be an illustrated blog entry, as well. To accompany the blog debut, Family members (registered users) can listen to a new Podcast Interview with Matt Hall. If you’re not a Family member, click here to join.

We are looking for more bloggers. You don’t have to be an experienced blogger, but you do have to be prepared to share your unique perspectives on some aspect of teaching part-time. We are looking, for example, for someone to write about distance education and online teaching. We’d also be interested in having a part-time faculty member from outside the United States blog for the site. If you’ve got an idea for a regular blog, email me. Before you do, read through some of the blog entries on the site.

I am also looking for first person essays. As always, we don’t want to publish work that preaches to the choir. So, if you have a unique story to tell about your life as a part-timer, and/or your work in the classroom or teaching online, email me a query. Opinion pieces are welcome, as well, but remember that I’m looking for pieces that are unique and don’t preach to the choir. I’ll read finished essays on speculation, and we pay $150 per essay. Generally, essays are 900-1,200 words in length.

You’ll notice that we’ve made some changes to the navigation links through the clever (we hope) use of Java script. Click on the AdjunctNation e-Newsletters link on the left hand side of the main page, and the navigation link will expand. There, you’ll find descriptions of the e-Advocate Newsletter (weekly), as well as the Family newsletter. You’ll find links to previous issues of both e-newsletters, as well as a spot to either subscribe or unsubscribe yourself to each e-newsletter. Click the Podcast Interviews navigation link, and it will expand, as well, to reveal all of the available Podcasts. If you are an Family member (a registered user), you may login then listen to any of the Podcasts you wish. You can download them to listen later, or you may use the Pod Player and listen on our site. We have also used the Java script trick on the Daily Excuse navigation link on the right hand side of the main page. Click on it, and an excuse will appear. You may also add an excuse.

In the meantime, page views on AdjunctNation topped 3.3 million last month.

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