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From the Archive

  • Faculty Union at University of Prince Edward Island Wants Longer Contracts for Sessionals

    People hired to teach courses on contract are one of the sticking points in contract talks between the administration at the University of Prince Edward Island and its faculty. The two sides will meet again for the first time since the faculty association asked the provincial government to appoint a conciliator. The faculty association wants […]

  • A Round-up of the Best Teaching Handbooks

    To read the rest of this article, you need to be a subscriber and Login. TO PURCHASE A NEW SUBSCRIPTION, select the subscription you want from the drop down menu below, pay and read! To RENEW/EXTEND an existing subscription, please Login then visit the MY SUBSCRIPTION link found at the top of the page. Do not use this form.   SUBSCRIBE TODAY! (New subscribers only. […]

  • Book Review: “How Economics Shapes Science”

    By Beryl Lieff Benderly “Follow the money!” According to the film All the President’s Men, this advice from the shadowy informant known as Deep Throat guided Washington Post reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein in cracking the Watergate conspiracy. The strategy also serves Georgia State University economist Paula Stephan extremely well in her illuminating and accessible new book, How Economics […]

  • Digitizing for Distance Education

    contributed by the University of Fairbanks Center for Distance Education Migrating information from paper to electronic form—and being able to access those items in their electronic forms—is a regular concern for both instructor and student in any web-enhanced or web-delivered course. Finding the Right Tools • Office Software. The first and most obvious method is […]

  • On-Line Degrees: How Employers View Them

    by Evelyn Beck HOW ARE EMPLOYERS judging the value of the courses we’re teaching on-line? What do they think of candidates whose entire degree was earned via the Internet? The results of a number of recent studies are mixed, with many business professionals uneasy about the quality of on-line learning but a majority of academics convinced […]


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