The Adjunct Justice Project

Did you know that under some circumstances adjunct and part-time faculty are entitled to pay for rest periods and non-teaching tasks required under state laws? Those tasks can include grading papers and other course materials, creating online course materials, developing course materials, attending mandatory faculty meetings, meeting with students, answering student questions, as well as pre- and post-course preparation.

Over the years, staff in our office have fielded many phone calls and emails from adjunct faculty who’ve been treated unfairly and even illegally by college and university employers. One of the most common complaints that we’ve heard from adjuncts who’ve called and emailed has concerned wage theft. Put simply, colleges and universities violate labor laws and choose not to pay their adjunct faculty for all of their work. However, with little to no money to pay for legal representation, these faculty have had to choose between quitting their jobs or putting up with the continued wage theft.

To combat wage theft from adjunct faculty by U.S. college and university employers, the Adjunct Advocate, Inc., owner of, has launched a non-profit, The Adjunct Justice Project. It is an unprecedented, nation-wide effort to provide legal help to adjunct faculty so these women and men are paid by their college and university employers in full for all of the work the faculty member does and has done, as well as compensation for damages. The Adjunct Justice Project also intends to work with state legislatures to adopt piece-work labor laws which compel every college and university in the United States to end wage theft from adjunct faculty.

Plaintiffs’ who pursue wage theft complaints through The Adjunct Justice Project will pay no up front fees or expenses. Every case filed will be handled under the auspices of a contingent fee agreement. Adjunct plaintiffs will pay no fees unless her/his case is won. The lawyers (and law firms) with whom The Adjunct Justice Project is consulting are committed to fighting wage theft in higher education. They have extensive experience in labor law, employment law and litigation.

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