Race, Identity and Experience in American Art Adjunct Instructor, National Louis University, Chicago, IL

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National Louis University’s Undergraduate College is seeking Art Appreciation Adjunct Instructors to join our team, to instruct ART 105-Race, Identity and Experience in American Art

Who we are: We are a team of dedicated educators who have been working together to build an amazing program that supports first-generation students with a focus on the holistic student. We work fearlessly to educate and retain our students. As a result, we have exceeded national benchmarks through our approach to holistic coaching and data-driven, personalized instruction. Our educational model is student-focused, expects excellence, provides personalized support in a data-driven environment, while grounded by pillars of continuous improvement and innovation to structure our work.

Who you are:
You are: Driven to Succeed.
You are energetic and passionate about a diverse student body that includes many first-generation students. To be successful teaching in this program, you must be committed to excellence in teaching and learning in Higher Education. The position requires you to be agile, creative and engaging while offering a new curriculum and an unparalleled experience to undergraduate students. Enthusiastic candidates have the belief that all students can be successful students. As an active team member, you believe in a supportive environment and a student-driven culture.

You will: Offer Best-in-Class Teaching and Learning.
You believe that your work has demonstrated your respect for education and the power that it holds. Each term, you will facilitate blended classes that utilize technology and data to drive instruction. You will work with a dedicated team of Coaches and Instructors, Content Experts and Data Analysts to determine how to personalize the learning experience for your students. In addition to teaching content, you will also encourage growth mindset, increase non-cognitive skill development and nurture academic confidence.

You are ready to: Make an Impact.
Each and every day National Louis University changes lives. You want to be a part of that meaningful innovation. You are someone that will always look for creative ways for students to earn success. We know this work is challenging, but we are in it together.


Demonstrate excellence in teaching:

    • Collaborate with faculty team to develop an effective student experience for students.
    • Facilitate courses by delivering engaging instruction in a blended, flipped classroom environment.
    • Empower students to develop competency by sharing a passion for the subject and skills being taught.
    • Utilize technology-based teaching platforms, including but not limited to an adaptive courseware engine to aid students in the development of competencies.
    • Communicate professionally and relate well.
Demonstrate, maintain, and continuously strengthen content expertise:
  • Maintain current and active content knowledge in the expertise area that is reflected in instruction.
  • Possess appropriate expertise as demonstrated by appropriate credentials.
  • Maintain current knowledge of field.
Promote student success with a proactive, high expectations, high support approach:
  • Demonstrate and share a passion for postsecondary success for diverse learners and for teaching.
  • Demonstrate flexibility in delivery and work schedule to provide personalized student support (includes but is not limited to office hours).
  • Identify gaps between student needs and existing resources and services; generate creative resolutions.
  • On-campus presence on days when not teaching.
Engage in data-driven instruction and student support planning: 
  • Track student course data weekly in multiple university data systems as needed.
  • Engage in regular data-driven planning meetings with faculty, coaches and support specialists to report student progress and obstacles and to plan student support interventions.
  • Engage in regular content area team meetings with peer faculty to review curriculum plans, determine implications of student data, and plan curriculum revisions.
  • Participate in continuous improvement of UGC curriculum.
  • Actively document and share suggestions for curriculum revision with content area lead faculty to support ongoing revision/enhancement of UGC curriculum.
Commit to continuous improvement of self and colleagues (i.e., professional development):
  •  Create, attend and actively participate in training opportunities provided in online and in-person settings.
  • Contribute to a learning culture by participating on committees, supporting local campus events such as orientation and graduation, and participating in various other workshops and meetings.
  • Passionate about working with a highly diverse student body. Excellent facilitation and classroom management skills.
  • Agile and creative in pedagogy and student support. Prepared, yet flexible.
  • Empathetic, yet structured.
  • Ability to differentiate instruction and support based on student needs. Ability to consistently connect instruction to its real world relevance, tying in concepts and theories in the classroom to students’ current and future work experiences and highlighting immediate applicability.
  • Willing to pursue and support students in multiple modalities.
  • Technology proficient, including experience with digital tools for teaching, and teaching in either online or blended/hybrid formats.
  • Willing and able to use data to inform instruction.
  • Effective adult collaboration skills, able to work in teams to support student success.
  • Experience using a learning management system. Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Experienced educators who EXPECT and DESIRE to grow pedagogically.
Experience and/or Education
  • Master’s degree in Art History, Art, Design, Fine Arts, and/or Studio Art or, Master’s degree; and 18 graduate semester credit hours in Art History, Art, Design, Fine Arts, and/or Studio Art.
  • Experience with digital tools for teaching, teaching in either online or blended/hybrid formats, and teaching to students of diverse backgrounds and abilities strongly preferred.
  • Spanish-English bilingual or experience teaching English Language Learners a plus
National Louis University is deeply committed to serving its community, advancing access and equity, and ensuring that all individuals are welcomed and valued. We are dedicated to fostering a culture where diversity, equity, and inclusion remain at the core of who we are. These are more than just words to us: they are truly a way of life for the NLU community. We recognize that differences in age, race, gender (identity and expression), nationality, sexual orientation, physical and intellectual ability, and background bring richness to our work environment. We affirm diverse perspectives, innovative contributions, and authentic presentations of self from every member within the NLU community. We believe inclusion is grounded in the actions we intentionally take each day. Our goal is to inspire and empower NLU employees and community members to cultivate an environment where we collectively focus on uplifting and advancing our institutional culture.
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