Pool - Language, Regular Lecturer, or Online Lecturer

The Department of African & African-American Studies at the University of Kansas invites qualified scholars and professionals to submit online applications for part-time and/or full-time, lecturer positions for Arabic, Amharic, and Kiswahili. Positions vary and are dependent upon the need for instructors for courses being offered each semester during the academic year and during the two intensive summer sessions in June and July. These are non-tenure-track positions with the primary role as instructional. Application materials will be reviewed by the Department for consideration of the development of online or hybrid courses as consistent with departmental instructional needs. Successful candidates must have appropriate authorization to work in the U.S. before employment begins. 100% - Lecturer Teach one to four 3-hour or 5-hour language course(s) as assigned by the Chair of the Department. Prepare for and attend all class meetings. In case of absence, the lecturer must make arrangements in consultation with the Chair of the Department for a substitute to teach the class so that classes are not cancelled. Provide instruction throughout the semester. Develop assignments, administer exams, evaluate student work, provide feedback to students, and assign grades. Hold regular office hours on a weekly basis. Lecturers may assume limited advising duties and attend in-service professional development meetings designed to improve teaching, as determined by the Chair of the Department. Adhere to Departmental, College, and University policies. Promote and enhance the visibility of African and Diasporic languages on the KU campus 100% Online Lecturer: Teach a specified number of either online undergraduate or graduate courses per semester. Prepare for and attend all online class meetings. Provide timely feedback and instructor/student interaction in synchronous or asynchronous online course format with occasions for online office hours and/or Q&A sessions. Regular weekly interaction is expected in online courses. Provide instruction for course(s). If class meetings are asynchronous, instructional expectations match those of the face-to-face experience. Administer assignments, tests, evaluate student work, provide timely feedback to students, and assign grades. Be available for students involved in classes taught. "Office hours" may include a set time where students can contact the instructor, but must also include expectations for timely responses to student inquiries outside of a set contact time. Required Qualifications Evaluation of the following requirements will be made through (1) descriptions of work experience and educational experiences in letter of application, (2) record of accomplishments and productivity addressed in C.V., and (3) information provided from professional references. Demonstrated near native or native language ability and knowledge of the culture where the respective language is spoken. For undergraduate courses: A Master's degree in the respective language(s) or a Bachelor's degree and three or more years of distinguished teaching experience at the post-secondary level. For graduate courses: A Ph.D. in the respective language(s) or a Master's degree and two years of distinguished teaching experience at the post-secondary level or a Bachelor's degree in the respective language(s) and three years of distinguished teaching experience at the post-secondary level. Preferred Qualifications Five or more years of teaching experience in the languages at the post-secondary level. Evidence of prior success in teaching at the post-secondary level (e.g., course evaluations or supervisor ratings). Prior experience with online instructional technologies. Contact Information to Applicants Shelly Buerman Department of African and African-American Studies University of Kansas sbuerman@ku.edu 785-864-0945
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