Visiting Professor, American History

Contact Karine Grivet, Assistant Director, Lausanne Program
Lausanne, Lausanne, Switzerland
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For its Lausanne campus in Switzerland, Pepperdine University is seeking a professor to teach its “History of the American Peoples” course to undergraduate students (Bachelors program) in the spring semester (January to April 2020). This course provides a historical overview of the American Peoples from pre-colonial times to the present, exploring the variety of American experience in the context of political, social, and intellectual developments and requires approximately 3 hours of teaching per week, usually divided into 2 sessions.

Starting date: 13 January 2020

Main responsibilities:

Teach one course per semester
Prepare a course syllabus for each course offered
Attend faculty meetings (two in the spring)
Assist students by providing constructive feedback during brief office hours, before and after course sessions and via email
Respond to student inquiries via email

Education, experience, competencies, and skills:

Advanced degree in History, preferably a Ph.D.
Experience in teaching History, preferably American History, in a university environment
Investment in the field of History or American History, as demonstrated through research and publishing
Fluent English (at least C1 level)
Understanding of American culture, university students, and student culture

To apply: applicants must submit the following documents to Karine Grivet at 1.) a cover letter, 2.) a CV, and 3.) work certificates. Final applicants will be asked and agree to a university background check.