ECE LEO Intermittent Lecturer EECS 452 Winter 2020

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Ann Arbor, MI, US
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How to Apply
A cover letter is required for consideration for this position and should be attached as the first page of your resume. The cover letter should address your specific interest in the position and outline skills and experience that directly relate to this position.

Course Description
EECS 452: Digital Signal Processing Design Laboratory Winter 2020

EECS 452 is a senior/graduate design course whose main focus is the application of real-time digital signal processing (including theory, software and hardware) to a multi-week team project. The course consists of lectures, structured laboratory exercises, and team projects. The lectures and structured laboratory exercises are intended to provide a foundation for the team projects to build on. The lectures and structured laboratory exercises cover:

Architectural features of DSP processors (arithmetic, memory organization, pipe lining, and use of special on-chip hardware),
Amplitude quantization effects (in A/D and D/A conversion, waveform generation and digital filter implementation),
Special on-chip hardware (serial ports, host ports, and timers),
Programming of DSP processors,
Design and implementation of FIR and IIR filters,
FFT usage,
Real-time concepts (interrupts, critical sections, threads of execution, etc.)
The laboratory exercises are based on use of the Texas Instruments C5515 eZDSP stick and the Altera DE2-70 FPGA board. Programming will be in C, VHDL and MATLAB.

Instructor will be responsible for preparing course materials, lecturing, holding office hours, preparing laboratory exercises, preparing and grading exams, and managing and grading class projects.

Required Qualifications*
The instructor must demonstrate expertise in Digital Signal Processing methods and applications. A PhD in a relevant area and prior teaching experience are preferred.

Additional Information
This position is posted for and limited to Winter term 2020 at 40% effort (16 hours per week).

U-M EEO/AA Statement The University of Michigan is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer.