Terror Is Winning & Winning Is Terror

Terror Is Winning & Winning Is Terror

By Dorinda Fox I am an old school feminist in that I believe the political is personal and the personal is political.  That is what today’s little rant is about in three parts as prescribed for Western rhetoric and argument by the definitely non-feminist and sometimes downright sexist Plato through his teacher/muse Socrates.  The three parts […]

Teaching is NOT Fortune Telling

By Dorinda Fox Disclaimer  #1: I could never be an elementary school teacher.  When I go to my seven-year-old daughter’s class 20 children seem like 100 children.  I cannot get out of the classroom fast enough.  All 20 of them are short, they run faster than me, and they are loud. Disclaimer #2: There is […]

Turn Off the Computer. Get Out of Your House.

By Dorinda Fox The editor of AdjunctNation.com found me through an article Salon.com published about two serious bouts with cancer and the effect of that on raising my children. In that article I explained that blogging at Salon had allowed me to create an online identity for my children should I not survive and served […]

Teaching in A Company Town of Dreams

By Dorinda Fox Orlando was once a company town and the company was Disney. The success of the Disney theme parks and hotels begat more theme parks and hotels. Nowadays, it would be more accurate to describe Orlando as a theme park industry town. It is possible on a given day when visiting Orlando to […]

Partying Like It’s 999

By Dorinda Fox I spent one day at Inismore in the Aran Islands off the coast of Galway, Ireland in December 2009. The Aran Islands were occupied by the Romans when they attacked Ireland thousands of years ago. There is an area at Inismore called the Seven Churches where the Romans built Catholic churches on top […]

Eating Guilty Pie

An amusing articulate but frighteningly cynical attorney friend of mine does not think much of marriage. He refers to the institution as “monotonous monogamy” and likes to remind people that familiarity breeds contempt. My ex-husband and I have 20 years of familiarity that bred hip deep contempt and it is no fun for any of us to wade through that bullshit particularly my daughters. Nor is it fair for them. I do admire my daughter for doing the best she can in a bad situation because being 17 is hard all by itself.

I Am India

By Dorinda Fox A lightbulb went off over my head the other day while I sat listening to the budgetary woes of an academic department during a faculty meeting. Dire solutions are needed for dire situations. I am India. Meet dire solution #1: The per credit hour cost for me to teach a course will always […]

Glenn Beck, Benito Cereno and Black

By Dorinda Fox I don’t watch Fox News and don’t want to. However, many of my long suffering students, who patiently read what I ask them to read and perform academic tasks I deem worthy, do watch Fox News. If they can read material that might not be their cup of tea or perform tasks […]