Guest Experts

by Evelyn Beck EVEN ON-LINE, THE voice of a single course instructor can grow wearisome over the length of a semester. One way to pique student interest, and invigorate your own teaching, is to invite guest experts to interact with your class via Internet bulletin boards or chat rooms. The Internet makes it easier for guest experts to participate. They […]

I Strongly Object

I recently read a piece about New Jersey Governor Corzine’s pension reform plan. The long and short of it is that the Governor’s proposal would exclude anyone working fewer than 30 hours per week from the state’s pension system. That would include, according to the article, 10,000 part-time faculty. In response to the possibility that […]

Someone Sends a Message in a Bottle…

People send me letters, emails, newsletters, book proposals, pleas for money, applications for employment, and all manner of information. Yesterday, I got a faxed copy of the May/June Spotlight, the newsletter of the AFT-Washington. In it, there are two interesting tidbits. Let’s start by saying that my last posting addressed a recent TT hiring at […]

I Dreamt I Died and Went to….Well…Canada

Today, the Dalton McGuinty government introduced legislation which would make it legal for all of Ontario’s 12,500 part-time faculty to bargain collectively. Read the press release about the proposed legislation here. In the latest issue of Adjunct Advocate, there is an interview with Mr. Smokey Thomas, President of OPSEU, the union that initiated the organization […]

No Rush, Really

Listen to my blog entry here. Everyone hurries through certain tasks. I hurry through brushing my hair sometimes in the morning if I am up late. I pay for it, mind you, with a singularly “Beethoven” look. I hurry through getting dressed, as well, and often find myself hopelessly under- or over-dressed for the weather. […]

What Are The Odds?

Ever been struck by lightning? Ever won $1,000,000 bucks in the lottery? Ever had a tenure-track job handed to you? Hell’s Bells, then, you’re never standing in the wrong place; you’re never picking the sweet numbers; you don’t know the right people; and you didn’t come in second in the search for a tenure-line faculty […]

Food for Thought

We recently put our subscription to the New York Times on hiatus for the summer. In the summer, we just don’t get around to reading the Friday-Sunday papers. What this means, in practical terms, is that I am reading the other newspapers we do get much, much too carefully. Our local paper, the Ann Arbor […]

UNLV Deals Out NTT Faculty

I bet you know that politicos in California and New York are cutting higher education. Five will get you ten you haven’t heard as much about the cuts in Nevada. At the University of Nevada Las Vegas, the state’s budget crisis has hit the journalism department. This article recently published in the school’s student newspaper […]

Some Confusion Over What Journalists Do

I am happy to say that I have made the acquaintance of the editors of a lot of newspapers and magazines during the time I have published the Adjunct Advocate. As a rule, editors are a friendly lot, though some are more competitive than others, and I know one editor whom I think would sell […]