How California's "Part-Time Faculty Job Security" Bill Will Hurt PTers

by P.D. Lesko California State Senate Bill 1379. Where do I even begin? SB-1379 was sold to California adjunct faculty as the so-called Part-Time Faculty Job Security Bill. However, the legislation on Gov. Brown's desk waiting for his signature includes this final sentence: "In all cases, part-time faculty assignments shall be temporary in nature, contingent on enrollment and funding, and subject to program changes, and no part-time faculty member [read more]

Professor Embraces Flipped Classroom. “Twice As Much Time to Lecture!”

Professor Embraces Flipped Classroom. “Twice As Much Time to Lecture!”from the Cronk of Higher Education Professor Rupert Villanueva returned from the recent Conference for Learning Engagement elated over a teaching model that many instructors presented about. “This is going to change everything!” said Villanueva about what is commonly called the “flipped classroom.” In order to maximize the time students spend discussing and analyzing information traditionally shared in lectures, professors assign material to students via reading [read more]

How to Use Cumulative Testing to Enhance Learning Outcomes

How to Use Cumulative Testing to Enhance Learning Outcomesby Kevin Patton One of the most effective enhancements I've ever made to my human anatomy & physiology course was switching to cumulative testing. What I mean by that is instead of testing on each topic once, then moving on to a test on the next topic, I started testing my students on all the covered topics (thus far in the course) in each successive test. I've always had [read more]

LIU-Brooklyn Faculty Lockout: Why Americans Don't Care

LIU-Brooklyn Faculty Lockout: Why Americans Don't Careby P.D. Lesko From The Atlantic (Monthly) to the Pacific, newspapers, magazines, online education news sites, columnists, bloggers, pundits, activists, unionists, Facebook friends and Tweeps worked the “Je Suis Charlie” angle hard on behalf of the 400 faculty whom the President of Long Island University-Brooklyn (LIU-Brooklyn) locked out for 12 days in response to a contract dispute. The faculty lost their health and dental insurance, to [read more]

Adjunct Writes Guidebook on Thriving in the Online Classroom

Adjunct Writes Guidebook on Thriving in the Online Classroomby Cindy O'Dell Taking a completely online class can be a case of sink or swim, says Jeffrey M. Welch, an adjunct professor in the School of Education. After more than nine years of teaching at Brandman in both blended and online classes, as well as seeing how online learning is moving into K-12 classrooms (Welch teaches history full time at Emilie J. Ross Middle School in [read more]

Diversity and the Exploitiation of Adjunct Professors

Diversity and the Exploitiation of Adjunct ProfessorsWhen I was adjuncting, I’m sorry to say it, but I gave into despair. I absolutely love to teach—but I’ve taught at eight different universities and came to see them as interchangeable—just as they saw each body in “the adjunct pool” as interchangeable. [read more]

Unemployed Summer – Death of an Adjunct #1

Unemployed Summer – Death of an Adjunct #1by Monica Paige DePaul I have recently finished the last of my grading for the spring 2016 semester. The essays weren’t bad, all things considered, but I’m still drowning in anxiety for a different reason. Every summer term, I need to endure about eight weeks or so of having no income at all—hardly anyone signs up for freshman-level English courses during the first half of summer, [read more]

Do This, and Your Students Will Never Miss Class Again

Do This, and Your Students Will Never Miss Class Againby Bridgett McGowen-Hawkins Senior Digital Educator, Cengage Learning Growing up, you heard the lectures from your parents. And then you went to school and heard even more lectures. And once you arrived in college, you were just about lectured-out. However, now you teach, and you do what you know best. You lecture! Okay, perhaps you don’t—but I know when I first stepped into the college classroom in 2002, [read more]


Part-Timers at This School Now Get a $1,000 Kill Fee for Cancelled Classes »

New Thousand Dollar Bill

A contract between Champlain College and its unionized part-time professors was ratified and released Monday. Champlain adjuncts have been unionized with the Service Employees International Union since last year. The union and the college have been…

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In Memphis, College President Proposes First Pay Hike for Adjuncts in 30 Years »

pay raise

University of Memphis adjunct faculty could be getting their first pay raise in more than three decades. Perhaps not coincidentally, the United Campus Workers, Tennessee’s Higher Education Union, has been working to organize…

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At San Jose State Turns Out Student Attrition Has Nothing to Do With the Adjuncts »


Ian E. McInness On San Jose State University’s lush inner-city campus, students in their graduation gowns pose with their families in front of ivy-covered buildings. They’re the lucky ones. Just 10 percent of students…

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800 Community College of Allegheny County Adjuncts Win Small Pay Hike »


The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is reporting that the board of the Community College of Allegheny County today unanimously approved a three-year contract with its roughly 800 adjunct faculty members. CCAC spokeswoman Elizabeth Johnston said…

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After New State Law Goes into Effect, All Oregon Adjuncts Now Get Paid Sick Leave »


by Laura Jordan On June 22, 2015, Oregon became the fourth state to enact a statewide mandatory paid sick leave law, following California, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. The bill, signed into law by Governor…

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Lecturer Uses Facebook to Expose The Poor Working Conditions of Part-Time Instructors In South Korean Universities »

Part-time instructors in most South Korean universities suffer from poor working conditions and low income. (Photo by Chung Sung Jun/Getty Images)

by Jean Marie Abellana About 70,000 lecturers from several universities in South Korea are working part-time. These teachers renew their job contracts every semester. While the majority of them desire to be given…

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First Person

Contract Instructing in Ontario—A Personal Perspective »


by Andrew Robinson I am a relative newcomer to contract instructing, having moved to Ontario from Saskatchewan in 2010, for…

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I Teach University Physics, But I’m on Government Assistance »


by Andrew Robinson Recently, I had a perfectly reasonable request from a student who wanted to review an exam…

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A Letter to My Students as I Leave Adjunct Teaching »


by Dana Biscotti Myskowski I’ll miss you. If you don’t believe me, ask any of my former students. Or ask…

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Higher Ed. is Under Attack from Within by Disaffected Students »


by James H. “Smokey” Shott College campuses — once the bastion of diverse opinion, a garden where ideas thrived, where…

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Why I’m Walking Away: Tenured Faculty Pity Adjuncts. But We Can’t Help Them. »

walking away

by Oliver Lee My grandmother worked in a school cafeteria. My mother taught second grade. Nearly two decades ago, I…

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Why We Decided To Form An Adjunct Union at Our Community College »


by Luke Niebler On my first day teaching at the Community College of Allegheny County in Pittsburgh, I was…

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Adjuncts Have Fewer Options Than Grad Students at University of Missouri »


by Carl Kenney Adjunct professors are often treated like Walmart employees. At Walmart, those pulling the strings are most…

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Definition of Crazy? FTer Gives Up Teaching Job For Life As An “Entrepreneurial Journalist” and Adjunct »

quit job

by Laurie White Other things you might miss once they’re not there anymore include paid sick leave, paid time…

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Prof. Behind ‘Social Media Buddha’ Brand Unmasked as Total ‘Biyatch’ »

A little satire from our friends at The Cronk of Higher Education Sociology Professor Linda Feaster, a.k.a. “The Social Media Buddha” to fans across the world for her inspiring, warmhearted hourly posts was revealed by peers and students Tuesday as a heartless shrew. “Our department had no idea Linda had such a widespread reputation for…

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“None of us in the sociology department want to sit by her at meetings or even enter the faculty coffee lounge when Linda is there because she is so negative,” said another colleague who feared going on record because Feaster serves on the tenure approval board. “Her term of endearment for students is ‘getter-in-the-wayers....’"

DePaul Adjunct Calls Out College President on Efforts to “Intimidate” Faculty »

by Brendan McQuade On Jan. 14,  DePaul University faculty received a letter addressing a campaign by the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) to unionize DePaul’s contingent faculty.  While the tone of the email was softened by references to DePaul’s “culture” and “values,” the message is no doubt intended to dissuade, if not intimidate, faculty. Students…

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New Study: College Students Taught by Good-looking Lecturers Learn More »

A new study finds that college students learn more from good-looking lecturers.…

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Students found the attractive instructors more motivating, easier to follow and possessed of greater health, intelligence and competence.

For Faculty: A Closer Look at the Yik Yak App »

by Virginia Postrel Yik Yak is a social-media app that in just two years has become an everyday part of the American college experience. If you’ve heard of it, chances are you think it’s awful. It has a terrible reputation as adangerous source of vitriol, threats and ethnic slurs — a reputation only strengthened by recent…

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An Interview With the Academic Twitter Star: “Sh*t Academics Say” »

By Shawna Wagman Since Nathan Hall introduced the world to Shit Academics Say in 2013, his humorous Twitter account has become one of the most popular related to academia, with nearly 140,000 followers. Dr. Hall, an associate professor in the department of education and counseling psychology at McGill University in Canada, says his once anonymous…

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