Jobhunting Tips

Welcome to the Jobhunting Tips page. Here, you will find over two dozen articles published on the site over the years that will help higher education faculty (and would-be faculty) navigate the specifics related to landing and keeping a part-time teaching job. The collection includes articles about distance education and online teaching, as well. Linked articles are available to all visitors. Unlinked articles are available to subscribers. Use the site seaarch, above, to search the Archives.

Parenting & Professing: Balancing Family Work with an Academic Career

10 Ways to Negotiate a Good Salary

Make Sure You Have a CV or Résumé That Travels Well

Tips for Creating a Syllabus That Will Keep You and Your Course On Track

The Holy Trinity: Course, Teaching and Professional Portfolios

Breaking Into Textbook Publishing: The Field is More Level Than You Think

Survival of the Fittest (or Most Organized)

Not Making the Cut

Teaching Without Tenure: Policies and Practices for a New Era

Adjunct to Tenure-Track: Ex-Part-timers Tell How They Leaped the Crevasse

Land A Job As A Visiting Faculty Member

Resources for Finding Work Abroad

How to Find a Job Teaching Online

Distance Education: Getting Started

Getting the Tap: Securing Continuous Online Work

Moving Your Course Online

20 Time-Saving Tips for Faculty Who Teach Distance Education Courses

Want to Break into Online Learning? Try These Tips

Cut Your Grading Time In Half

Designing Final Exams

10 Golden Rules for Writing Multiple Choice Questions

Teaching Students with Disabilities: A How-To Guide for Part-Time Faculty

Using Humor In The College Classroom To Enhance Teaching Effectiveness

Managing Hot Moments in the Classroom

From There to Here: Award Winning Adjunct Faculty Discuss Excellence in the Classroom

Student Evaluations. What Do They Mean and What Can You Do to Improve Them?

When Students Evaluate Faculty Online

The Influence of Gender on University Faculty Members’ Perceptions of “Good” Teaching

What to Do When a Student Grieves Against You

Keep in Touch With AdjunctNation

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From the Archive

  • A Round-up of the Best Teaching Abroad Blogs

      by Greg Beatty Maybe you’re tired of the job prospects here at home. Maybe you’ve always wanted to travel. Shoot, maybe you’re just restless. You’re scanning the Chronicle and a job opening catches your eye. Where exactly is Tashkent? What would it be like to teach in Turkey—and are the challenges greater than teaching […]

  • The Courage to Teach

    Reviewed by Janice Albert “The Courage to Teach: Exploring the Inner Landscape of a Teacher’s Life” by Parker J. Palmer; San Francisco, Jossey-Bass 1998. $22.00 The Courage to Teach: A Guide for Reflection and Renewal” by Rachel Livsey in collaboration with Parker J. Palmer; San Francisco, Jossey-Bass 1999. $8.00 A HISTORY INSTRUCTOR at a nearby college […]

  • A Review of The Chronicle of Higher Education

    by Mark J. Drozdowski and P.D. Lesko The Chronicle of Higher Education 49 issues per year, Subscription rate: $75 per year; six month subscription $40.50, 1255 Twenty-Third Street, NW, Washington, DC 20037 I’VE OFTEN HEARD that admitting one’s vice is the first step toward recovery, so here goes: I’m a higher education junkie. Quite naturally I scan the […]

  • The Newest and Best Search Engine Tools

    by Evelyn Beck YOU MAY NEVER have met Archie, but perhaps you’ve spent some time with Gopher or Jeeves. Looking back through search engine history is a bit like browsing through a little black book. It was 1990 when Archie, the first search engine, premiered. Then came Gopher and then many more, including Excite, Yahoo, […]

  • For Sale: English, Cheap.

    by TomBentley What if rulers from a far-off land insisted that all subjects eat an allegedly beneficial imported cheese with a complex, challenging flavor? And what if a good percentage of the subjects were indifferent to eating it, or ate it only reluctantly, or refused to eat it entirely? And what if there were conflicting […]


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