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How One PTer Won a “Strive for Excellence” Conference Scholarship & You Could, Too!

As an adjunct, there are not a whole lot of opportunities for professional development (though the last couple of years there have been more opportunities at my college). I felt like I had been somewhat out of the loop professionally since I had been working from home for so many years. I saw an opportunity to attend a conference, which I hadn’t done since graduate school, and went for it.--Bethany Fitzpatrick (pictured above)

It’s easy to take myths and, by constant repetition, give them the patina of reality. The same thing is happening in higher education. There are these myths about part-time faculty. Part-time faculty don’t conduct research. Part-time faculty don’t attend academic conferences. Part-time faculty don’t care about professional development. All part-time faculty are “drive-by” professors. The truth […]

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EdTech: Engaging Students, Increasing Productivity, and Impacting Success


by Greg Rivera, Senior Digital Educator We can’t deny that technology is here to stay. However, that is definitely not a bad thing! In fact, using educational technology can help engage students, improve retention, and help students succeed. There are several educational technologies, including free or almost-free ones, that can help you with these endeavors. Think […]

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A Perspective from Canada—The Wage Gap that Plagues Non-Tenured Faculty is a Political Issue


by Gail Lethbridge With Frosh Week drawing to close and Labour Day still fresh in our memory, it’s a good time to ask who is teaching our university students. Many are full-time professors with good pay, health care benefits, vacations, job security pensions and tenure privileges such as sabbaticals. And many are not. About half of […]

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The College Budget: There Isn’t Enough Money to go Around. Why Don’t Adjuncts Get It?

no money

By Sandra Keifer It’s good business, isn’t it? We’ve heard it a thousand——no, a million times, and we’re sick of it: the Wal-Mart model. The company that uses this model runs on the backs of hundreds or thousands of low-paid workers, lavishly rewarding executives and higher ed. administrators at the sharp point of the pyramid. Alongside […]

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The Clothing Makes the (Wo)Man


By Kat Kiefer-Newman Do the clothes really make the (wo)man? This is a debate that frequently comes up in my classrooms, and I’ve also dealt with it at home while raising two daughters. As academics, we like to believe that we are above superficial judgements, but can we really be? In the face-to-face world, what […]

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Kat Goes Blue: Swearing 101


By Kat Kiefer-Newman I really try not to swear in class. Many of my students have been gently raised and believe that authority figures should behave with decorum and set a @#*$!^& example. These students are usually recognizable by their insistence on calling me ma’am. Every time they ma’am me, of course, I get another […]

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Juggling 101: Adjunct Summer Activities — Extreme Couponing & Selling Old Books Online


By Kat Kiefer-Newman Did I post an “off for the Summer” blog just a few weeks ago? You bet I did! Some adjunct-y things have come up, though, and I thought of all people, you would commiserate with me (and maybe laugh a little at my silly, very-juggled life). So there I was, tearfully saying […]

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“Vacation, All I Ever Wanted…”

It’s almost May. The weather has changed and it’s making me think ahead. I’m already planning my meager summer vacation. Most of this summer I’ll be desperately working 8 and 9 hour days getting my dissertation finished so I don’t have to face my scary committee chair and ask for even more time than I’ve […]

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Summer Is For Reading (For Some Lucky Part-Timers)

By Kat Kiefer-Newman We talk about breaking news. We talk about local events and history. We talk about politics, cultural issues, and contemporary problems. We talk about the economy, the state of college education, and future goals. Many will share personal experiences and worries. And we talk about books. In all of my classes (but […]

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At The Top of My List? Make A To-Do List, Of Course

By Kat Kiefer-Newman Do you make lists? I had a boyfriend long ago who accused me (with dripping superiority) of being a compulsive list-maker. The fact is, though, that while my life would definitely be greatly enhanced through the employment and application of lists, well, I just can’t get into writing them. Worse, I can’t […]

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