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From the Archive

  • Educating for Democracy: Preparing Undergraduates for Responsible Political Engagement

    by Silvia Foti Creating citizens engaged in maintaining democracy entails intentionally increasing the people’s knowledge of the democratic process, their skills, and their motivation. This falls under the purview of America’s colleges and universities, according to the authors ( Anne Colby, Elizabeth Beaumont, Thomas Ehrlich, Josh Corngold) of Educating for Democracy, yet for a variety of reasons, is a […]

  • NYU Adjunct Faculty Vote to Strike

    The ACT-UAW Local 7902 — a union made up of adjunct professors from NYU and the New School — has negotiated with and made proposals to the NYU administration for nine months regarding health benefits, equitable pay and compensation, among other grievances. The union recently held a vote to see how many of its members were in favor of authorizing a strike against the university and 94 percent of the union’s 2,500 members voted in favor of the strike.

  • A Round-up of the Best Books on College Teaching

    by Linda B. Nilson We can’t keep up with our own discipline’s research, so how are we supposed to stay abreast of the college teaching literature? Let me make it a little easier for you. Here are six recently published books that capture what I think are the latest and most important developments and trends […]

  • Are You A Blogger?

    by Joe Moxley and Terry Beavers Technology is redefining literacy; consequently, we also need to reevaluate how software tools can be used to facilitate writing, communication, and collaboration. We stand at an exciting time in human history, when our modes of expression are being radically transformed. E-mail, word processors, instant messengers, imaging software, wikis, blogs, […]

  • DC-Wide Union Movement Targets PTers @ Georgetown U.

    by Braden McDonald Building on its success in unionizing adjunct faculty members at The George Washington University and American University, officials of the Service Employees International Union Local 500 Coalition of Academic Labor have begun marshalling support for a similar union at Georgetown. According to Kip Lornell (pictured left), vice president for higher education at SEIU Local 500, the union […]


Want to see your advertisement on Click here.


Want to see your advertisement on Click here.

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