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To request a free media kit or for more information, please e-mail (advertising at [replace the “at” with @]) the advertising staff or call 734-930-6854 (9-4:30p.m. Monday-Friday EST).

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Our Internet JOB-LIST is the most established online employment resource in the United States devoted to the non-tenured faculty employment market in higher education. To email us your recruitment advertisement for the JOB-LIST, please email us (advertising at [replace the “at” with @]). Individual online recruitment advertisements than are posted for 30 days begin at $150.00. To send us a recruitment advertisement, please email us (advertising at [replace the “at” with @]). You may also use our online form to post your recruitment advertisement. Interested posting multiple jobs? We have recruitment packages available.

Recruitment Packages

1.  $1,500 Package: Includes unlimited online recruitment postings for one year and 4 months of recruitment banner advertising.

We give two- and four-year institutions the opportunity to take advantage of the scope and the convenience, ease and popularity of Internet advertising, at very reasonable rates.

For more information about recruitment advertising, please call 734-930-6854 9:30-4:30pm (EST).

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Advertisers can now reach over 159,000 visiting, adjunct, on-line, part-time & full-time temporary college faculty by renting our mailing lists. Names are for one-time use only and cost $150 per thousand. Selects are done free of charge. There is a 1,000 name order minimum and a 5,000 name order maximum. (Requests for over 5,000 names are handled on a case-by-case basis.) All mailing list orders must be prepaid by check, money order or credit card. Names can be delivered in a variety of formats, including electronically and on disk.

For more information call Marjorie Winkelman at 734-930-6854 9:00-4:30 p.m. (EST), or please email us (advertising at [replace the “at” with @]).

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  • A Review of Steal This University

    by Vicki Urquhart History professors Benjamin Johnson and Kevin Mattson, and union representative Patrick Kavanagh, provide an insider’s look at the academic labor movement in Steal This University. Labor activists all, they speak with one voice to warn of the imminent demise of the professoriate and the simultaneous rise of the corporate university. “The use […]

  • P/T & F/T Faculty Teamwork

    by Jack Longmate AS PART-TIME FACULTY members step up their organizing efforts throughout California, many are faced with the task of working effectively with already-established full-time chapters. Occasionally, there is friction on some campuses between full- and part-time faculty. The diverse and separate needs of full-time, and part-time faculty often forces them to form separate […]

  • Part-Time Faculty Union Prez Publishes Op-Ed Calling His Own Members “Monsters”

    by Mark James Miller The American higher educational system has created a monster — the out-of-control growth of part-time or adjunct faculty. In its over-reliance on part-time instructors, higher education has built a house of sand. In colleges and universities across the country, budgets are developed and strategic plans made that assume contingent faculty will carry […]

  • AAUP and California U Faculty Associations Join Forces (With No Mention of Adjuncts)

    The AAUP and the Council of University of California Faculty Associations (CUCFA) are joining forces in defense of academic freedom , shared governance and the economic security of those who teach and conduct research. The press release, below, has no mention of adjunct, contingent or part-time faculty. The following is the text of a media release […]

  • Minorities Teaching Abroad

    by Jeannie-Barry Sanders I interviewed nineteen minority teachers born and educated in the USA, asking them to discuss the special challenges they faced while teaching abroad. While some minority educators say they found themselves at times having to explain race relations in the United States, and some state that media portrayal of American minorities contributes to a […]


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Want to see your advertisement on Click here.

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