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It’s Student Evaluation Time—Are Student Evals Worthless?


Share by Rebecca Schuman It’s student evaluation time again—and I should be the last professor in the world to complain. With slight exceptions for “caring too much” and courses that meet “too early” (9:10 a.m.), my evaluations are quite good. And yet the student evaluations of teaching (SETs) I’ve received during my decade-long teaching career have meant absolutely nothing. This [...]

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If You Think The Treatment of Adjuncts Doesn’t Impact Tenured Faculty, Think Again


Share by Jonathan Rees While this piece from the NYT‘s business section is designed for any worker, it should have special relevance for academics: These are the kinds of comments I hear in my work as a consultant: • “I’m overwhelmed, and with all the changes going on here, it’s getting worse. There aren’t enough hours in [...]

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The Tipping Point: Research Suggests A College Education Is No Longer Worth the Time & Money


Share by Marty Nemko We have, for decades, accepted that graduates earn $1 million more than non-graduates over their lifetime. That statistic is misleading for a number of reasons. For example, it’s retrospective to an era when only the best and brightest went to college and employers couldn’t offshore jobs. Those days are over. Higher [...]

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The Next Higher Education Woe That Will Be Blamed on Adjuncts

Share By P.D. Lesko Over the course of the past three years, adjunct and part-time faculty have been systematically scape-goated for any number of problems plaguing the Academy. Students dropping out like flies? Why, blame the adjuncts. As I wrote in a 2009 blog entry for the Chronicle of Higher Education: "College administrators rend their [...]

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In Defense of the Liberal Arts

Share By Victor Hanson The liberal arts face a perfect storm. The economy is struggling with obscenely high unemployment and is mired in massive federal and state deficits. Budget cutting won’t spare education. The public is already angry over fraud, waste, and incompetence in our schools and universities. And in these tough times, taxpayers rightly [...]

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The SEIU Assault on American Colleges and Universities

Share By Al Kaltman Unheralded and virtually unnoticed, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) has been pushing its way into the halls of America’s universities and colleges. Not content to restrict its activities to food workers and non-supervisory personnel, the Union has moved on to organizing part-time faculty. The SEIU now has its tentacles wrapped [...]

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Lowering the Price of Higher Education

Share by Shai Reshef In an effort to earn a college education, students around the world find themselves facing mounting debt. According to data recently released by the Federal Reserve, American students owe almost $830 billion in student loan debt. And this number is only growing, both in the United States and abroad. Even as [...]

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Online education: You get what you pay for

Share by Brian Fogerty In a June appearance on "The Daily Show," Governor Tim Pawlenty outlined his vision of higher education of the future: "Do you really think in 20 years somebody’s going to put on their backpack, drive a half-hour to the University of Minnesota from the suburbs, haul their keister across campus and [...]

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Do Tenured Theologians Have a Duty to Focus More on Academic Labor in Higher Education?

Share by Tom Beaudoin originally printed in America, the National Catholic Weekly, February 2010 When people find out that I am a college professor, one of the first questions they ask with increasing frequency and directness over the past year is “Do you have tenure?” My answer of “yes” is often met by a response [...]

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Civil Rights Commission Blunders Again

Share by Mona Charen first published in the National Review. The U.S. Civil Rights Commission (yes, it’s still around, and yes, it’s outlived its usefulness) is about to subtract from national wisdom about college admissions by focusing on exactly the wrong problem. The commission has undertaken an inquiry to determine whether colleges may be discriminating [...]

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