Professor Watchlist is Watching YOU

by David M. Perry

“Expose and document college professors who discriminate against conservative students, promote anti-American values, and advance leftist propaganda in the classroom.”

This is the stated aim of the Professor Watchlist, a website that went live on Nov. 19. The project comes from Turning Point USA, a nonprofit group funded to support the work of conservative wunderkind Charlie Kirk, subject of a loving profile in the National Journal. Kirk, 22, was recently on Fox talking about Trump’s “mandate” and young voters and allegedly has raised over $1 million to support his conservative youth movement. Now he’s spending that money to put professors on a literal watchlist.

In a writeup on the project, Kirk stated that he often hears stories about professors who “use their position of power to advance liberal agendas in their classroom” and that “Turning Point USA is saying enough is enough. It’s time we expose these professors.”

The project offers a chilling example of what the academic world can expect in Trump’s America, while reigniting the ever-fraught safe spaces debate.

The issue is that such a list is intended to intimidate. People who are in precarious positions, people who lack support within their institutions, or just generally people from vulnerable groups.

The issue is that such a list is intended to intimidate. People who are in precarious positions, people who lack support within

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10 Comments for “Professor Watchlist is Watching YOU”

  1. Flood this site with false complaints! Take it down!

  2. C’mon students of America! Are you going to take this lying down? Remember the 1960s. You are the future of your country. Your freedom is at risk.

  3. A Muslim registry, a liberal watch list. Getting more Hitleresque every day.

  4. A towering twenty-two year old intellect, wants professors who fail to live up to his infantile right wing nonsense put on a watch list. Himmler must be smiling up from hell. This is the behavior of people who think they have all the answers, but in fact, do not even understand the questions. It’s only going to get worse.

  5. Their names will be announced on Faux News. Post Ailes Faux News remains the same. I just read that in Venezuela, Maduro has arrested his opponents and intellectuals. They are kept in prisons that are dungeons and tortured and beaten with wooden paddles. The most famous cartoonist, a woman, in Venezuela who lampooned the rulers, was threatened with death and she has fled to Miami. Maduro’s gang of thieves owns a TV station. This station regularly reveals the addresses, the whereabouts and the movements of human rights lawyers, still operating in the country.

    This PAC smells of the same ethos. If the professors are liberal don’t send your children to their schools. Counter their perceived prejudices with the written word or on TV if you have a platform. Invite them for rebuttals. But to monitor them and to keep a list of their names and god knows what else, that is an SS tactic. The Trump supporters in this country, have lost it. This endorsement of registries and lists keeping is insane. It is un-American, unpatriotic and indelibly besmirches this country. Trump has unleashed a tsunami of hate in America and the tide is swelling against the “enemies”.

  6. Hopefully this website shuts down due to all the libel lawsuits. Conservatives are the biggest snowflakes and safe space advocates.

  7. The only way far-right people can get their ideas in colleges is by force and suppression, because they are factually wrong and often conspiracy laden. Reality has a liberal bias, as they say. Similar to how they can only get elected by stirring up racism because their policies are so shitty no one would rationally choose to vote for them otherwise.

  8. Oh, very little. When I stopped nearly two years back, I said pretty much whatever I wanted. I didn’t care.

  9. I’m about to re-enter the classroom as an adjunct after being away two years. Wow, this is like a time warp back to the 50s and McCarthyism.

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