Arizona Community College Gives FT Faculty and Staff 1 Percent Raises—Adjuncts Get $7/Credit Hour

Central Arizona College employees will get a pay increase and tuition will increase by $3 per credit hour following Tuesday action by the college Board of Governors.

The board voted unanimously for an across-the-board 1 percent pay increase for employees and a $7 pay increase per credit for adjunct or part-time faculty.

The increase is less than what groups representing various employees sought. They wanted a 4 percent increase while raising the pay for adjunct faculty from $694 per credit hour to $735, which would bring it in line with that of Pima Community College in Tucson.

“From the faculty perspective, our main priority was getting our adjuncts an increase in pay,” said Victoria Young-Chiverton, president of the Faculty Senate. “We are trying to be in line with neighboring community colleges and so that was a real concern for us that our adjunct get a pay increase.”

Chris Wodka, vice president of finance and administrative services, told the board that state funding for the college was expected to be level and the county’s total assessed valuation, on which property taxes are based, apparently will not increase. Instead, Wodka said the projection now is eight-tenths of 1 percent.

“With only eight-tenths of a percent, it’s quite a bit of a difference of what was projected,” Wodka said.

Therefore, Wodka instead proposed the 1 percent pay increase.

“We appreciate everything that the faculty and the staff has done. We are in a pinch at this time and we are doing the best we can,” board member Rita Nader said.

The pay increase comes with no changes in benefits and keeps the college in line with a national study that resulted in improvements last year.

“We are very happy with it,” said Tammi Sawade, who represented the college’s support staff. “We are also very happy that they are trying to maintain what they established last year with the salary study. We don’t want to be in that position again. We want to stay competitive.”

Sawade said that the recommendation of a 4 percent increase was based on the fact Pinal County employees are getting a pay increase, Social Security is increasing and the cost of living is rising.

“It’s a yearly process,” Sawade said. “We make the recommendation before we knew what the property tax increase is and things that affect the budget for next year. But our main concern was benefits. The majority of the constituency groups’ concern was maintaining benefits that we have.”

The board also voted unanimously to approve a tuition increase of $3 to $80 per credit hour and a 5 percent increase in room and board for the fall semester.

CAC’s tuition cost for the 2013-14 school year is $77 per credit hour or $924 for a full-time student with Arizona residency taking 12 credits. The change would bring that up to $960 for 12 credits and $4,176 for an out-of-state resident taking 12 credits.

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