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CronkNews Satire: AdjAnon Groups the New “Thing” On Campus


by I.M. Knott-Tawkin “I had no idea my professor was a recovering adjunct,” said one student. “We are powerless against academia,” is the first step of a new campus 12-step group guaranteed to appeal to 92 percent of those teaching at Minima College. The first-ever Adjuncts Anonymous (AdjAnon) gathering promises to provide the last gasp […]

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Combat Administrative Bloat: Require Public Colleges to Spend 80% of Revenues on Instruction


by P.D. Lesko One college president told the local newspaper that his college was lowering the number of hours per week adjunct faculty could teach from 30 to 29 for a single reason: to skirt the new federal regulations that are associated with the 2014 full-scale implementation of Obamacare. The college president said his institution […]

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Colleges Skirt Obamacare By Cutting Adjunct Faculty Hours


by Brian McVicar With about a year left before major portions of the federal health reform law take effect, colleges around the country – including Grand Rapids Community College – are looking for more guidance about how new regulations will affect adjunct instructors. Specifically, the concern is over a provision in the act treating employees […]

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CronkNews Satire: Controversial Move Ensures Adjuncts Comply With Obamacare Regs.


by Monty Tufnel and Leah Wescott “Professor Regins used to be really cool. I looked forward to his lively class discussions,” said one student. “Now he just stares at his feet and lectures from old PowerPoint slides. Our Provosts calls that a ‘best practice.’” In an effort to meet the demands of the Affordable Care […]

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