The New Adjunct Numbers: 15 Passwords, 7 Possible Plagiarists, 4 Department Meetings & More

By Melissa Miller, Ed.D., M.Ed. I was recently writing something that required quantitative analysis. Numbers are not my strong suit. I managed to do well in math classes in school, but it didn’t come easily or naturally to me – I’m more of a word person. My husband is a math person, and I’m a […]

You’re the Yoshi to My Mario: Advantages of Networking With Other Freeway Flyers

By Jenny Ortiz I recently spent some time with a little game known as Dead Rising 2. In two hours I killed 543 zombies. No, no, don’t applaud. This is an low number for any gamer. To be fair, I had a stack of midterms whispering to me to stop playing and start grading. However, as […]

Summer Work

By P.D. Lesko When I taught, there was always the inevitable end of the year scramble to see who would get summer teaching work. It was brutal. Feelings were always bruised, and the course assignments rarely covered everyone who wanted work. I just received an email from AdjunctNation writer Kat Kiefer-Newman. Kat pens our wonderful […]

Why Lyyke de la Cour Earns $14,000 per Course

NYSUT, an AFT/NEA affiliate, organized the 1,000 part-time faculty at Pace University in 2004. I wrote about Pace’s adjunct faculty union and its trials and tribulations here. The bottom line is that it took almost five years between when the union was certified and when the negotiating team hammered out its first contract. Unionists have […]

Teaching is NOT Fortune Telling

By Dorinda Fox Disclaimer  #1: I could never be an elementary school teacher.  When I go to my seven-year-old daughter’s class 20 children seem like 100 children.  I cannot get out of the classroom fast enough.  All 20 of them are short, they run faster than me, and they are loud. Disclaimer #2: There is […]

The Adjunct + Facebook = Disaster?

By Randy Eldridge Ok, I admit it. I’m 42 and I use Facebook. A lot. Maybe even too much. I was never on Myspace or any other social networking site you can think of. I’ve used LinkedIn for a long time primarily for professional networking purposes. Oh, and I also have a Twitter account. I […]

Rewarding Students Who Go Above and Beyond Takes Creativity

By Bruce A. Johnson, Ph.D., MBA If you have students who have done exceptionally well on a class assignment or they have exceeded all expectations for participation in class discussions, how do you reward their performance? Those students are likely to earn the maximum points possible; however, students who complete their assignments and participate in […]

Be the Voice of the Irritated Edge!

In his recent (2009) book Designing the Smart Organization author Roland Deiser primarily focuses on learning in the corporate environment. In fact, one of his starting points is the claim that traditional models of education (such as those that happen in classrooms) are too limited in both scope and definition. He overstates his case a bit—he […]

“Vacation, All I Ever Wanted…”

It’s almost May. The weather has changed and it’s making me think ahead. I’m already planning my meager summer vacation. Most of this summer I’ll be desperately working 8 and 9 hour days getting my dissertation finished so I don’t have to face my scary committee chair and ask for even more time than I’ve […]

Executive Pay in the Spotlight — Finally

by Claudia Dreifus While the news media has been riveted by this summer’s Congressional investigation of the financial practices of for-profit colleges, two important financial stories focused on non-profit colleges and universities have been making headlines as well. In July, The Chronicle of Higher Education reported that the trustees of Nashville’s Vanderbilt University broke new […]

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