My Students Encourage Me (Really)

katBy Kat Kiefer-Newman

Spring seems to finally be here. I know because over on my Facebook page people have been posting for a couple of weeks now warmer temperatures, pictures of their gardens bursting with color, and recipes for homemade peeps.

Breaks come and go.

I work at two schools so my breaks don’t usually line up. Except for the chance to play catch-up with any grading, I barely notice. But like my Facebook friends, the season change is something I’m keenly aware of this year. Across the country the temperatures have been crazy-cold. Maybe that’s the difference. Or maybe it’s the weird economy. Or maybe it’s just that Spring makes us all a little nutty.

As my students rush, stumble, and meander out the door just before the break I always ask how they plan to spend their break. In years past, I would be regaled with plans of parties at the beach, family vacations to both local and exotic places, and other elaborate schemes. Students wanted to pack as much fun as possible into the one or two weeks they had of freedom.

This year, though, I’ve been met with stories of extra

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2 Comments for “My Students Encourage Me (Really)”

  1. Lesley;
    Thanks for popping in here and commenting. This aspect of human nature is the thing that keeps me going when I encounter the other side (intolerance, cruel comments, invisibility, and impatience).
    Good luck with your situation, you’ll be in my meditations!

  2. You had me at homemade peeps!!! That sounds like a worthy endeavour.

    I feel the same way, I’m feeling the pinch of an industry thought of as luxury in a time of economic downward spiral in a job that is purely commission but my thoughts turn to how to help the (even) less fortunate. I am working directly with my favorite charities now than ever before – very interesting blog Kat

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