Gatorade and Bathroom Breaks: Common Sense Freeway Flying

OrtizBy Jenny Ortiz

There isn’t a training course for being a Freeway Flyer. When I began teaching at three colleges, I had to learn things the hard way. 

Keeping Hydrated: Like athletes, Freeway Flyers are constantly on the move. Whether it’s traveling to different campuses or delivering lecture-after-lecture, we are bodies in motion, as Sir Isaac Newton observed. Without proper hydration, fatigue sets in, especially in the evening. I drink Gatorade, hot tea, a juice smoothie, or plain water, and avoid coffee or soda.

Bathroom Breaks: I know I’m stating the obvious here, but I just have a feeling….Hydration necessitates, well, bathroom breaks. To teach a great lesson, I have to be calm and focused. I can’t teach if I’m standing there hopping on one leg. Moreover, focus is out of the question, if I’m upset or frazzled. The students feel this uneven energy. Like my fellow Freeway Flyers, I have a lot of commuting and a lot of paperwork, which leaves me tapped out. So, I take a ten minute break before jumping into the next class. When I do this, I take the time to do something that doesn’t involve mental activity. 

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2 Comments for “Gatorade and Bathroom Breaks: Common Sense Freeway Flying”

  1. […] She’s hard-working and smart. Her first entry for the site’s Freeway Flyer blog, “Gatorade and Bathroom Breaks: Common Sense Freeway Flying”  is full of practical suggestions that even the most seasoned part-time (and full-time) faculty […]

  2. Welcome, Jenny! Great points – I used to drive all over NJ to teach and had to try coordinate all you mention!! I also taught Geography at St. John’s Staten Island campus one semester!


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