Getting Connected, Staying In Touch and Dodging Booby Traps

By P.D. Lesko Last week, we launched our Facebook page and linked all of our Nation Blogs to Twitter. Whew! It’s fun to watch the number of people who “like” the Facebook page grow. In the first week, 114 people found us and enjoyed the content enough to “like” the page. We’re averaging about […]

Rescuing Yourself From The Technology Booby Trap

By Ron Tinsley Innovation in technology continues to grow exponentially in the U.S. and across the globe. Laptops are getting faster and cheaper (except Mac Notebooks) and phones are becoming more app-happy and complex. I bet one day you may be able to flush your toilet with a keyless entry. I visited Seoul, South Korea […]

Teaching Outside of Your Comfort Zone

By Melissa Miller, Ed.D., M.Ed. I was so excited to accept the position as an adjunct where I am currently teaching that I was honestly willing to teach any course they assigned to me. I remember feeling this way directly out of college – the excitement of taking my first job, earning my first paycheck. I didn’t think very […]

The Well-Rounded Adjunct: Moonlighting

By Helene A. Matheny When I returned to the United States from my graduate studies in London in 1998, I knew I wanted to teach, but didn’t really yet know how to find adjunct work. In the meantime, I needed some income! By strange fate, I happened to see a want ad for “planetarium instructor/director” […]

The End of the World as We Know It

By Kat Kiefer-Newman Yesterday was the California Shake-Out. This feels like a statewide acknowledgment that the world really will end in 2012 (the year that the Mayan calendar ends), and it’ll be because of “The Big One.” The web site for the California Shake-Out tells us that: Californians must get better prepared before the next […]

Don’t Poke Me: Professors’ Privacy In The Age Of Facebook

By Rich Russell Before seeing the new movie The Social Network this past weekend, I first read the article on co-founder Mark Zuckerberg in The New Yorker. His own Facebook profile is quoted in the piece: “I am trying to make the world a more open place.” But an open world does not necessarily mean […]

On Being Tough, Being Clear and Being Civilized

It’s the Fall, and that is just about the only time I ever miss teaching college. I loved teaching, and every September I would tweak my materials and welcome however many students were brave enough to stay in my classes. I didn’t deliberately try to scare people away, but as New Adjunct blogger Erik Hanson […]

Water Coolers Where The Adjuncts Gather

Late last night, amid the rush to post homework to my grad classes, I started chatting with a colleague. While we have our educational endeavors in common, we come from different places professionally prior to this point. During the course of discussing the attributes of our professors, we started networking for adjunct positions. I am […]

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